Charlotte – 03


They introduce Ms. Westwood/Blackwing this episode, so clearly, the release picture should be best girl.

Apparently there’s a sweet yuzu variety in Japan called the yuku, so our typo in Sakura Trick episode 1 just got slightly less embarrassing.

Also, sometimes I wish it were custom to translate proper nouns. It was historically done in Europe (Charlemagne/Karl der Groß, Christopher Columbus/Cristoforo Colombo, Marcus Antonius/Marc Antony, etc.), and is still done among East Asian countries (e.g. Sadaharu Oh is known as Wang Chen-Chih in Mandarin-speaking places). It would make meaningful names in anime easier to do. If only all anime had names as easy to make sound nice in English as Aikatsu.

Episode 03: Torrent | Magnet

Charlotte – 02

Nao eating something from behind.

I hear everyone hates her. If so, everyone is wrong.

Joint with Good Job! Media. Like, 90% of the delay was caused by karaoke effects-ing. I haven’t seen them myself, but they’re probably worth the wait. And maybe we should just call this “on time” future episodes are either “on time” or “early”.

Today I found out that lots of people prefer to split words like “zutto” as “zu-tto” when said as two syllables. They’re all wrong, by the way. My way is always the right way, and I use “zut-to”.

ZHIEND is a fancy “the end”.

Episode 02: Torrent | Magnet

Notes on power names after the break.

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Charlotte – 01

A café named Scorpius with coffee made by Key.

The cafés in this show are named after constellations, not astrological signs.

Joint with Good Job! Media. (We might be setting/tying a record for “joint with the highest number of exclamation points in the combined groups’ names”.)

This is an original translation. GJM will take care of all the visuals-y stuff (typesetting, encode, styling, song glitter, etc.) and Mezashite will provide the script.

Charlotte is a spiritual successor to Angel Beats!, with the music and writing done by Maeda Jun of Key fame (just like Angel Beats!). The hope is that it’ll be like Angel Beats!, but better. I feel really silly typing all these exclamation points.

Oh yeah, and even though everyone on the team preferred “snuck”, we used “sneaked” because we’re proper, damn it.

Episode 01: Torrent | Magnet

Aikatsu! – 115

Aikatsu 115

I was going to use the other image I made as the release image but it was animated so it’s at the bottom of this post instead.

Sumire doesn’t get enough spotlight.

Akatsukin is coping with various malignant ailments, wandering through manyfold tribulations, and possibly partaking in a multitude of traitorous activities, so I ended up translating this episode. Man, it’s been a while. And of course I get the episode about fucking soil.

I don’t think there was anything that really merited a TL note, so I’m not going to mention any. Speaking of things I won’t mention, it’s totally not Shion’s birthday today.

Episode 115: Torrent | Magnet

Akari face compilation after the break.

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Ao Haru Ride – 12

Did I mention how "ao haru" means "blue spring"?

Did I mention how “ao haru” means “blue spring”?

And that ends our summer show about spring on the first day of fall. Winter can go play by itself.

furzee (Encoder, Distro):

pls follow
also all anime sucks

Akatsukin (Translation, TS (1-4), QC):

I just wanted a simple romance. I didn’t ask for all this dead mother drama. I don’t want to think about real life, I want to escape it. Why did you do this to me? You can take your blue spring and your ride and your storm and your desperation and fake friends and false doors and implied rape and dropping out and shove it.

Etoce (Editing, TLC, Songs):

Why do I feel like I was asleep for this whole series? At least the songs were fun to do.

Chhotu_uttam (TS (5-12)):

Episode 12: Torrent | Magnet

Aikatsu! – 92

I wonder if coffins are actually comfortable

I wonder if coffins are actually comfortable

Hey, hey. I thought of the best Brynhildr pun just now. Too bad I didn’t think of it when it was relevant.

And on an unrelated note, why does Wikipedia seem to prefer the two-word version of compound words for article titles? There’s photo shoot, punch line, and burn down chart. Photoshoot, punchline, and burndown chart are way more natural to me.

Episode 92: Torrent | Magnet

What, you want the pun? After the break. Because spoilers.

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Aikatsu! – 91

onegai KISS de me wo samashite hoshii no // shiroi hitsugi kara tsuredasu you ni

onegai KISS de me wo samashite hoshii no // shiroi hitsugi kara tsuredasu you ni

I’m like 75% okay with the selections.

Some amount of non-negative thanks to Yuyu for something or other.

Episode 91: Torrent | Magnet

Akatsukin notes: We finally find out the name of the guy who announces everything. His name is 徳井十九 (tokui tohku), pronounced the same as 得意トーク, which translated means “skilled at talking/announcing/commentating”. Now if only that Arai Satomi announcer would come back…
Thoughts on Mizuki after the break.

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