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So, you want to watch Aikatsu, but you’re feeling overwhelmed. Well fear no more! Here is a complete guide to watching!

Moreover, if you wish to read my personal thoughts on most of Stars S2 and all of Friends and after, I’ve compiled my combined works here. Aikatsu Planet thoughts here. If you want the episode chart I’ve made detailing who does what in every episode, plus the scriptwriter, that’s detailed in here.

Aikatsu! (OG)

The main series is 178 episodes, with several movies and goodies along the way. You can find a batch here: Full batch torrent

There is a main movie that takes place immediately after episode 112. We have two versions of it: 720p movie | 1080p movie

Following the movie is a drama CD that acts as a sort of epilogue. Watch it a few episodes after the movie, say at around 116: Drama CD

Then there was the Aikatsu Music Awards special. It does indeed have about an entire episode worth of new content, and serves as an introduction to the fourth season. Watch it at around episode 147: 720p awards | 1080p awards

Finally (for now) is a cute special aired during Stars, about a full episode length. Watch this after you finish the entire series: 720p special | 1080p special

Aikatsu Stars!

The second series featuring an entirely new cast and world. Feel free to watch this independently, you don’t need to have seen the original. CAVEAT: This is only true for the first season. I heavily suggest you watch the original series first, especially since Stars is complete. You can find it here: S1 only | Unofficial S2 batch (Sorry! I’ll have the full one up soon)

There’s currently a single movie that must be watched immediately after episode 18 20. I’m serious, it’s like an extra long episode that goes there: 720p movie | 1080p movie

Aikatsu Friends!

The third series once again featuring a new cast and world. Congratulations! As it’s currently airing, just grab all the episodes by themselves. Batch eventually?

Aikatsu on Parade!

The most ambitious crossover of the century. All three previous series in their entirety is a requirement. Also includes the Web Anime.

16 thoughts on “Aikatsu! Guide

  1. The most amazing thing that will happen in the Aikatsu series is…


    It has been three years since Cosmos’ debut in the Aikatsu! Finale. It’s also been a year since the main events of both the Aikatsu Stars! Finale and the Aikatsu Friends! Pilot. And many idols are starting to go places around the world quite constantly. The reason: to prepare themselves for the biggest event ever to be held in Aikatsu history: the World Aikatsu Cup!
    This is where all idols meet the world, the anticipation skyrockets, and nothing will ever be the same again!

    • There are two crossover episodes in Stars S2 where the original cast shows up in their final season forms. If you really want you can watch them anyway, or just skip them, but if you’re going for Stars anyway I’d go with OG first.

    • Yes, and this is the best quality you could ever possibly have too. Now if BNP wanted to work with me that would be another story, but as of yet I haven’t heard from them.

    • Oh sweet Jesus praise the Lord Aikatsu is SAVED!!! ヽ(●゚´Д`゚●)ノ゚

      (I will likely write this again on Mezashite’s first Aikatsu Planet post)


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