[Mezashite] Kyoukai no Kanata - 01 [C5710894].mkv_snapshot_02.56_[2013.10.06_13.12.32]

Episode Torrent Link
1 Carmine Post
2 Ultramarine Post
3 Moonlight Purple Post
4 Bitter Orange Post
5 Onion-Green Lights Post
6 Shocking Pink Post
7 Cloudy Gray Post
8 Calm Gold Post
9 Silver Bamboo Post
10 World of White Post
11 World of Black Post
12 World of Gray Post
SP1 Idol Saiban 1 Post
SP2 Idol Saiban 2 Post
SP3 Idol Saiban 3 Post

Staff Credits:

Editing Etoce
Encoding Yuyu, furzi
Songs Akatsukin, Etoce
Timing Akatsukin
Translation Akatsukin
TLC Etoce
Typesetting Etoce
QC Akatsukin

4 thoughts on “Extraliminal

  1. Thanks for the releases !
    I was wondering if you were thinking about subbing Idol Saiban 4 and 5 since they came out and that Idol Siban was actually a better show than the main series :p

  2. Any updates on the last two episodes of Idol Saiban? The raws for all five episodes have been out for nearly four months now….

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