Kyoukai no Kanata — 09

Kyoukai no Kanata - 09 [premux]_001_17286

There’s a lot of plot and stuff this episode. It’s also like two holidays tomorrow, so Aikatsu is delayed as has been the usual lately.

Note: Akatsukin’s a stupid and decided to leave for some sort of social event (and turn his computer off) before it finished seeding or uploading to anywhere we can access it. ETA “tonightish”.

Note 2: The Internet God decided that there was to be no Kyoukai no Kanata while I was out, and promptly shut itself off without restarting five minutes after I left. Note that the same thing happened to Etoce all day the day before.

Episode 09: Torrent

12 thoughts on “Kyoukai no Kanata — 09

      • Really? 8 minutes is long enough to give up and then wait possibly 24 hours for another groups?

        Your loss. Either or, it’s fine now.

    • The torrent has been compromised. It got stuck there because there was an exploitation. You should have been attempted to be infected. Look for something called adserver plus. I got rid of it with malwarebytes. Alas, the dangers of the internet.

  1. That cliffhanger.
    This show is getting really good (aside from the j-pop episode). Easily my favorite show this season. I just hope the last few episodes keep to the same level

  2. There’s a translation error at 19:40 that completely changes the meaning behind what Nase says.

    His line was translated as “Akkey wo korosu.” i.e “You must kill Akkey” but he clearly says “Akkey wo korosu dana?” i.e “You’re going to kill Akkey, aren’t you?”

    ‘Dana’ is a questioning suffix at the end of the sentance meaning “isn’t it?”. That makes a pretty big difference.

    • First, if you are that desperate go watch the raw like I did. If you have been watching anime for a very long time like me, you probably can get the general idea of the episode and understand some phrases even without subs.
      Second, stop demanding for something you don’t even pay for. They are doing us all a favor by translating it so stop demanding kid I bet you are still on school and don’t work they probably had some issue real life always take priority even if it’s not work (since it was a holiday) you know things happen that is just how the world is.

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