Kyoukai no Kanata — 02

I wanted to use a winking one, but her eyes are too beautiful

I wanted to use a winking one, but her eyes are too beautiful

We made a few changes this episode, namely turning 妖夢 (youmu) from “demon” to “shade”.  With the advent of an important figure that has “shadow” in it’s name, this seemed like an appropriate choice.  For the record, “cambion” and “exorcist” have not changed.  Also, what we had as custodian last episode is now “Cleaner[s]”, as it seems to be an exorcist-related group that cleans up their messes.  Pretty sure that’s it.  Plot starts to be fleshed out this episode, so enjoy.

Episode 02: Torrent

9 thoughts on “Kyoukai no Kanata — 02

  1. Thanks for the release. I remembered you were one of the first to release episode 1, I was so excited back then !

    The only thing I’ll say for this episode is that “Akki” is in fact “Akkey”. You can see it written in the background just behind Akihito. Don’t pay attention to what I just said if you had already noticed it 🙂

    Keep the good work !

    • Yep, noticed it, but we all know that the Japanese have no idea how to speak or localize to English. Hopefully such a small change wasn’t enough to ruin your experience, kill your dog, piss on your computer, and force you into the seventh circle of hell (like some people would have you believe). Thanks for watching.

      • Hopefully not ! The situation was too hilarious and I was too obsessed with Hiroomi to mind such a detail. o/

        Sankyuu again ー (*´艸`*)

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