Aikatsu! – 126

Our passionate digging activities, Soilkatsu! is about to start!

Our passionate digging activities, Soilkatsu! is about to start!

I, too, enjoy lazing about in the warm spring sun (finally). And I’m also off. Talk about living the anime. And the numbering seems strange, but this is in fact the last episode of the second cour.

Episode 126: Torrent

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  1. I respect that screenshot, but I personally would’ve gone with a “KUMA SHOCK” reference. Regardless, thanks as always. 😛

  2. Okay, in my opinion that was by far the CUTEST insert song ever!

    So all three girls are going to compete for Starlight Queen? Not surprising there… but if Headmistress Orihime is willing to tweak traditions, such as moving the Queen competition forward (I assume) to spring, maybe the trio could all… share the crown? I’d hate to see Akari-chan and Sumire-chan stop being roommates if one moves to the Queen’s house. By the way… does Hikari-chan have a roommate? We’ve never seen one, have we?

    • If you checked a previous post these guys made, they said that they have no plans on doing the second season of PriPara. And I don’t blame them, considering the TL’s extremely busy schedule; it’s a miracle they can still find time to TL the Aikatsu! episodes after they air.

    • Has anyone yet downloaded the MKV file at the above link? There is one comment on that page, and it says “Malware, do not download”. Considering it was posted by “anonymous” and today’s April 1st, I don’t know whether to believe that comment.

  3. The link above does NOT take you to the Aikatsu! movie… or at least the bittorrent at that page doesn’t. I wasted an hour downloading it, and it’s not malware… but it is apparently 6 hours of Aoi-chan looped with a mind-numbing audio track. I’m really disappointed, to say the least. I would use stronger words, but I’m trying to keep things respectable here.

    • Yes it was A April Fools Prank, that I Unwittingly Fell upon.
      just thought like Sharing it.

      Seriously though Any Ideas When the Movie will be Subbed?
      if supposedly Aired Ages Ago

      • Probably not until it’s released on disc (BD?)? I’d guess that hasn’t happened yet.

        Anybody besides me celebrate Akari-chan’s birthday yesterday? ^_^

  4. Just watched the raw of ep 127. First off, for those who are worried we won’t see Soleil anymore… they appear multiple times in the new opening. So I’m pretty sure we’ll be seeing them again soon enough in future episodes.

    Second, from one of the commercials which wasn’t edited out… the DVD and Blu-Ray of the Aikatsu! movie are due out June 2.

    High 5 o/o !

    • I’ll hazard a guess, with new opening and ending songs to sub, it might be taking a little longer than usual.

      But that’s not keeping me from checking my emails every time my phone chimes. 😀

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