Aikatsu! – 132

Symbolism? It couldn't be

Symbolism? It couldn’t be

And we have our second unit. This episode is extremely hot, unless you know what real bullfights are actually like, in which case I hope you like gore. I feel like I’ve mentioned that particular thing in a previous episode, too. Oh, and if you hadn’t heard, we’re going to get a second transfer student soon, in place of Yuu again. <- (Spoiler)

Episode 132: Torrent

Extra images.

Juri was just stabbed.

Juri was just stabbed

Should probably be censored, don't tell anyone

Should probably be censored, don’t tell anyone

Japan loves sweat, by the way

Japan loves sweat, by the way

11 thoughts on “Aikatsu! – 132

  1. Thanks for being early this instead of being late! And keep you’re subbing activities, Subkatsu, passionate!

  2. I can not understand words about bad QC in 131 and 132.
    Anyone can point out at least 1 example with screenshot and comment?

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