Aikatsu! – 138

Tokui Tooku is the man

Tokui Tooku is the man

Let me ask you something: Have we ever, in the entire history of subbing Aikatsu, released subs after the following episode has come out? No. Not once in 138 episodes. We have never been late. So chill out. Also, the movie 720p version is out, see below.

Episode 138: Torrent

But I do appreciate you all.

16 thoughts on “Aikatsu! – 138

  1. I’ll admit to getting pretty anxious in the past when dubs were “almost” late, but I’m getting better about being patient. And now that I can watch the 720p version of the movie (even my laptop couldn’t quite handle 1080p), I’ve got nearly two hours of Aikatsu! Aikatsu! Aikatsu! queued up for the evening. ^_^

  2. I’ve always been patient. I’ve had to endure through too many slow release shows (Various Pretty Cures for example) to be impatient now >_>

    Thank you as always for your hard work. Know that at least some of us appreciate it.

  3. Now we know what the THUNDERBOLT unit was composed of!

    For Sampoo and Rinse: Tokowa Rina/常葉 李奈 and Anna Kodama/兒玉 杏奈 (Akari’s classmates)
    For MimiLala: Watanuki Mimi and Nikaidou Urara (also Akari’s classmates)

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