Aikatsu! – 143

If there was ever an episode I'd like to self-insert, this is the one

If there was ever an episode I’d like to self-insert, this is the one

So yeah, delays brought to you by Otakon. Will we continue to release Charlotte and this on the same day for the rest of the season? Only fate will tell.

Also, thank you Bromiya Ichibro (as Etoce has dubbed you) for the cards. I-It’s okay that you didn’t call me, I wasn’t lonely or anything… ;_;

Oh, and season four confirmed! Two new girls all the way from Hokkaido with a sexy new brand. Looks like we’re in this together for another year. Aikatsu will never die!

Episode 143: Torrent

16 thoughts on “Aikatsu! – 143

  1. The animation of this episode was awful, but my loved Akari is everytime more cute :3 Thank you so much for subbing Aikatsu! 😀

  2. thank you, for your effort. As an aikatsu fan’s I can say thank you.
    what you are doing right now are more than just subbing Aikatsu, but to deliver a lot of goodness and kindness trough your hard work, determination and dedication in subbing Aikatsu.

    I really hope, I can do anything for you.

  3. Fun episode, it’s always nice to see Sumire’s slightly twisted side and Akari’s reaction when they got to the island was too cute.

    Glad to hear season 4 has been confirmed and that you plan on continuing; my gratitude as usual is yours. Kindest regards.

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