Aikatsu! – 145

Earthquake warnings? In my hair? It's more likely than you think

Earthquake warnings? In my hair? It’s more likely than you think

Yeah, nothing can be done about those. The other channel actually had beeping, and it’ll be days before a fresh channel airs it (and there’s no guarantee that won’t also have warnings). I didn’t want to make you wait when we were done already.

Tamaya, if my memory of TL notes from years ago serves, was an important firework creator in Japan, and people shout his name when fireworks go off.

I forget what else I wanted to say, but they just keep piling on the cure hairstyles, and there appears to be a fun little Wing-kun plot forming. Please BNP, do it.

Episode 145: Torrent

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  1. “Tsubasa” means wing. Just like “hoshi” means star, as in “Starmiya”. It’s Johnny trying to be cool. ^_^

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