Aikatsu! – 150

Who's that idol?

Who’s that idol?

It’s Saints!

Were you aware that “tristar” means three stars? Guess how many times they remind you. And now with little warning, we’ve hit one hundred and fifty episodes. It’s too early to get sentimental though, we still must resolve the School Festival.

Episode 150: Torrent

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  1. Thanks again for the sub work!

    I had a few mixed feelings on this episode. I can’t wait to see how Luminas shines in ep 151, partly motivated by Tristar’s performance. But… Tristar as a unit disappoints me. I was hoping to see something fresh from them, but once again they did the same song which we’ve always (if I remember correctly) heard them perform. And it’s not even that good of a song to my ear. Half of the lines in the lyrics repeat the unit’s name, which seems self-serving to me, and it doesn’t even strike me as “pretty”, either vocally, musically, or even in the choreography. I felt the same way back when Mizuki was auditioning the other idols to cast Tristar, Ichigo, Aoi, and Ran had to perform the same song even then.

    So… I wonder if Luminas will do “Little Beat Little Wing” again this week. I’m also very curious as to whether Luminas will perform before or after Soleil. Are they actually competing against Soleil? That’s not clear to me.

    • They couldn’t make a new song on a whim since it was supposed to be a surprise for viewers but they did perform a new choreography and got a new stage. I like Take Me Higher song but I agree that we didn’t need Tristar. My oppinion the two trios of Seira, Kii, Sora and Maria, Yurika, Kaede would’ve been fine. Bringing back DreAca and not involving minor characters (since Mizuki was absent for the whole season almost and then suddenly returns for Aikatsu8 elections). For the festival – all the units compete that performed – PowaPuri, VaniChill, Tristar, Soleil and Luminas. It’s not the 2 on 2 battle like in previous seasons. And they will probably do LilBeat LilWing song since they don’t have space for new song and LPC is undebuted Aikatsu8’s song (though it would’ve been fine for Skips unit song instead of repeat)

      • It should be the same choreography, but they did a perfectly synched Special Appeal. It always used to be one person initiating it at a time, but they did it at the same instant. That’s the new motivator for Luminas.

  2. Thank you. It’s an increasingly rare treat when the Great Ones, i.e. the original cast, return to relevance, if only for a short time. May the name of Tristar once again resound through the heavens…along with Yurika’s fearful skydiving shrieks.

    • That reminds me of a line I once heard…

      “Although Mary had a terrible fear of mice, she managed to eek out a living working at a pet store.”


  3. Uggh, Mizuki shoehorned in again, but I’ll let it slide for more Yurika. So my cynicism says Tristar will be second with Soleil first and Luminas third, but I suppose Tristar haven’t really done anything other than this concert lately. They shouldn’t really be noteworthy, along with all the other just-made groups, leaving Soleil as dead set for first and PowaPuri as second, then third is anyone’s game…

  4. I’ve got a very different prediction about who will come out first and second in the competition. Or perhaps it’s how I want the results to be. Either way, I don’t want to jinx it, so I’ll wait until shortly before the episode airs in Japan before posting my guess here.

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