Aikatsu! – 156

Aaahhhhh, it's a ghost!

Aaahhhhh, it’s a ghost!

This episode’s Japanese lesson: What we called apprentice geisha are actually maiko. That’s just what they’re called. We (read: I) figured this would make more sense to a wider audience.

Episode 156: Torrent | Magnet (for that one guy)

17 thoughts on “Aikatsu! – 156

    • Dance sequences are higher frame rate and has more stuff going on. Standard animation might have only a part of the screen moving. If you compare the file sizes to how many dance sequences there are, you’ll see a pattern.

      • And all those changing pixels in the dance numbers drives my several-year-old laptop crazy. I especially had trouble with every song in the Aikatsu movie. One of the reasons I bought a newer computer a couple of months ago, I was finally able to watch Aikatsu without the picture freezing up for seconds at a time.

        Probably a function of my player software too, but even it works better on the new box.

  1. Yuu-chan!!! So great seeing her again 😀

    Miyabi beam~~~~~~~~~~<3

    And this version of Lovely Party Collection looked amazing. That lighting.

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