Aikatsu Friends! – 024

You think you’re so cool just because you have a shoulder pet…

It’s always a fun time when I get to learn a new and obscure Japanese makeup technique for an episode. What Ken talks about with Aine in the middle is 抜け感, which means something like “looking cool and mature without seeming like a try-hard”. Of course, there’s no concise way to phrase all of that, so we had to cut some corners, but basically it’s doing makeup the right way. Separately, it’s always great to get more Karen and Mirai fans. Now all we need is for Honey Cat to get taught personally by them as well.

Episode 024: Torrent | Magnet

7 thoughts on “Aikatsu Friends! – 024

  1. I was thinking about a couple episodes ago, it just occurred to me that the hedgehog guy appeared in the twins’ house at the end. You wouldn’t expect a pro to do that, imagine Tamaki randomly visiting Aine’s room at night.

    I guess that Sakuya and Kaguya don’t go to an idol school, but rather are freelancing idols, and their manager is some kind of family friend. If not outright family.

    Now I want to know more about them.

  2. thanks! I think Kaguya is very rapidly occupying my favorite idol spot this season, and it was wonderful to see Karen and Mirai again, too!

  3. For a moment in the episode itself, I literally thought that you had made another rare translation error when Sakuya said the word ‘pounce’ instead of ‘pounding’ mochi alongside rabbits just like in her debut episode itself, when you replaced the ‘y’ with ‘r’ in her name. Fortunately, Kaguya did correct her soon afterwards, otherwise I would have started to lose faith in your otherwise weekly, flawless translations.

    • 尻餅をつくis apparently an old saying that essentially means to fall on your butt, and it sounds similar to お餅つき, which is pounding mochi.

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