Aikatsu Friends! – 030

What I wouldn’t give to brush their hair…

We get meta this episode, with voice actors voicing voice actors. Also, another magical out of phase full moon. Maybe they live in a world where a complete cycle is two weeks?

Episode 030: Torrent | Magnet

12 thoughts on “Aikatsu Friends! – 030

  1. … or where a complete stroke of the hairbrush is about one-fourth the length of the hair being brushed.

    Thanks, I was waiting for this!

  2. I was hoping for a TL note concerning the translation of the film’s title. I don’t even know where to begin with ゎんぱく so I’d love to hear any insight you can provide. I’m also assuming ぜんぜん in this case is 漸漸 but would be interested to hear how you decided on “Grimpossible.” (Graham Jarvis reference?)

    Thank you as always!

    • Good point, I spent so much time thinking about it that I forgot it was even non-obvious. To me, the title is a sort of play on words. わんぱく is a word meaning mischievous or like a rascal, but I believe it was specifically chosen for overlapping with わんわん, the sound a dog makes or a sort of nickname for puppies. That’s why I chose doggone, which doesn’t exactly match the meaning, but keeps the pun of “dog” in it.
      For the ぜんぜんの壁, the word ぜんぜん(全然) can be used both to mean something like definitely not [possible], but also definitely [possible], so I wanted to try and include wordplay with the word impossible. Unfortunately I’m not super creative with localization, so the best I could do was hide it in a made up word like Grimpossible. Honestly I couldn’t get Kim Possible out of my head either while thinking up ideas. 漸漸 looks like it’s an obscure word (according to jisho), and I wasn’t even considering it in my translation.

  3. thanks!

    I thought this episode was pretty cute–I like the contrast between Kaguya trying not to rely on her sister too much and Mio trying to let herself rely on Aine more, and it’s nice seeing Mio bond with other people.

  4. Pretty surprised by how little of an role Karen played in today’s episode; despite Kaguya’s inclusion I was thinking Karen would repeat what Mirai did with Aine. But instead it was Kaguya who did the heavy lifting (the irony) with Mio.

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