Aikatsu Friends! – 037

This reminds me of a scene from long ago

Merry Friends Christmas! What a year it’s been, and what excitement is still yet to come. I would watch this without any expectations, because above all else, the one single thing I wanted most is still here. We’ll see you next week again for what looks to be a very special New Year’s episode, so enjoy the holiday!

Episode 037: Torrent | Magnet

15 thoughts on “Aikatsu Friends! – 037

  1. Lucky to see the main four in their Style Dresses!

    This is the last Aikatsu Christmas! Special for the Heisei Era.
    Next time’s on a special timeslot!

    • And possibly straight couples too… well, unless it turns out that Suzune’s secret date is actually a girlfriend (which wouldn’t surprise me).

      Although my money is on Maika’s brother, just because that would be fun.

  2. Decent episode by Ftiends standard, but the frames and inbetweens looked really rough aside from key scenes, closeups, and stills. I sometimes worry about the production of this show…

      • He didn’t direct it, just storyboard it. The episode director was 倉富康平.

        Either way, this isn’t Kimura’s fault, it’s bad scheduling on BNP’s part and perhaps a lack of resources. Nothing I can really fault them for, but it sucks to see.

        If you’re going to blame anyone, blame the animation directors; they’re the ones in charge of seeing stuff like this doesn’t happen. Both of the animation directors specific to this episode (not counting the show’s overall animation director) have had no prior experience working on Aikatsu and are maybe even freelancers. They’re experienced and have nice portfolios, but they don’t really know how to match the artstyle. Pulling in random people like that may also point to a lack of availiable staff. I’d assume those two and the show’s overall animation director didn’t have enough time and/or resources to correct the problems in the episode before airing.

        Maybe they’re focusing more resources on next week or the weeks ahead, but I imagine this episode will be touched up significantly for the BDs.

  3. Thank you, as always, and warm holiday wishes to all!

    Though I’m hard pressed to call it an Aikatsu Christmas unless someone breaks out an axe.

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