10 thoughts on “Aikatsu Friends! – 043

  1. We just had another bespectacled blue haired guy in Jojo this week, and now I’m imagining Mio’s dad snapping and cursing like crazy.

    Next week, will my prediction come true? Will Maika become Aine’s sister in-law? We shall find out soon enough.

  2. Some random guy on Nyaa said that you guys are subbing Maquia. Is that true? If so then I’d rather wait for a decent fansub release then relying on the crappy ones that’re currently out there.

  3. Some pretty bad visual quirks here and there, but it was cute. I just wish this wasn’t three different episodes rolled into one.

    This episode gave me pretty bad whiplash in comparison to last week, as the two have gone from celebrating being Diamond Friends to being Diamond Friends and just that, without any proper celebration or acknowledgement of it. There wasn’t any sort of transition between the two states–it was 0 to 100, or in this case, 100 to 0. Nobody seemed to have a big shift in attitude toward them, nobody’s following them around or fawning over them as much as they did Love Me Tear, and nobody seemed to care more than they did a couple episodes ago, especially during the performance. If not for the Diamond Dresses and a few vague conversations, it almost felt to me that nothing of value or interest happened or changed in ways that were new to the viewer. I could understand the team trying to tackle the concept of becoming “stars overnight”, but this didn’t come off that way at all. It seemed that a noticeable amount of time had passed and they only moved up in social rank without actually moving up in any sort of meaningful fashion.

    It was a fine episode and I enjoyed seeing Mio’s dad, and her mother felt a lot more believable/human/caring than she did in the “Mio is at home” episode they call back to here. I think her father being in the picture may have helped round out what otherwise tend to be awkwardly-written conversations between them.

    I liked the song and stage and how they’ve adapted it to the anime, but my complaint about particles and shininess being used to signify importance in the CG comes back here. This performance didn’t give me a sense of how their Diamond Dresses are supposed to be special or at all give off the weight they’re intended to, and unlike with Love Me Tear, the anime has made the dresses themselves look fairly unremarkable in action. Worse yet, it only had me “wow” when they flashed the cards after the performance to Ema and Maika, which is only a DCD promotion thing.

    This episode wouldn’t have felt as unremarkable to me if each of these concepts were each given their own episodes–
    1. Cup Aftermath
    2. Mio’s Dad
    3. Diamond Dresses (feat. Mio’s Dad 2)

    Next episode looks promising and is more what I’m expecting these past few weeks, but the poor balancing of wacky and serious in Friends and the messy structure of the show makes it feel totally weird.

  4. Finally caught up!

    I definitely enjoyed the Diamond Friends Cup. That whole Love Me Zone thing was like the ultimate shonen action anime thing. Like throwing off the weighted mantle or something like that. Next episode looks like it will be fun. Can’t wait too see Maika’s brother again~

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