7 thoughts on “Aikatsu Friends! – 057

  1. Assuming that Solvette is on the complete opposite time zone from Japan, that would put it either in Brazil (unlikely, given the climate), Greenland (but there seem to be too many trees for that)… or in some unspecified position in the upper parts of the ocean.

    Solvette = Atlantis

  2. It seems that despite being Diamond Friends, both Aine and Mio (and Hibiki) chose to fly in coach rather than indulge themselves in the luxuries of first-class flight services.

    Quite modest of them.

  3. Aine looking sharp! And dang was this episode ripe for screenshots of all the fun (and funny) faces the girls were making! Same goes for Tamaki and the other adults who made appearances. Looks like the dud that was the previous episode was a fluke because I had a smile on my face throughout the entirety of the 22 mins or so this time around. Animation back to being on-point as well. Aikatsu is simply too good to go on a losing streak!

    Another random thing about Aikatsu in general. I just love the fashion sense of all the characters, though unfortunately as a male I don’t get to exploit that entirely in wearing the same stuff.

    And yes. Educational episode indeed!

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