Aikatsu Friends! – 072

Seeing the same view as you

What Karen and Mirai do this episode touches me on a deep level as the ideal of a relationship between two people. Even if the A plot of the episode was literally identical to a previous one beat for beat, the B plot of these two more than makes up for it. Karen’s ethos and dreams are what I strive for. Plus, she wears the cutest earrings later in the episode.

Episode 072: Torrent | Magnet

16 thoughts on “Aikatsu Friends! – 072

  1. Wait, so the last time Love Me Tear performed was the time they got their ass whooped by Pure Pahlehto?! (#WOMP)

    (I’ll leave more thoughts later…)

  2. Karen: “It sounds like your work in Paris is going well.”
    Clown-Hair, in Paris, sipping through a plastic straw at a trendy restaurant in a stupid outfit to compliment her stupid hair: “Yup, I’m finding inspiration all over the place!” (#WOMP)

    SOUNDS LIKE A LAZY BUM TO ME!!! (not speaking from experience or anything!) (#WOMP2)

    Also, Clown-Hair’s last name is Asuka?! Since when did that happen?… Anyway, Karen’s story about meeting someone who wanted to Aikatsu but couldn’t due to major life-obligations struck me on a personal level. Like, not everyone is fortunate enough to watch a children’s anime and complain about it as an adult (#WOMP), but yeah, I have to reflect on the opportunities given to me. Thank you, Karen, for allowing me to self-reflect. *toss coin, clap-clap, bow, ring bell*

    Also(2), according to Aikatsu Friends Fandom Wiki, both Karen and Clown-Hair are OVER 18?!?!?! Which means… LEGAL DOUJINS MAY OR MAY NOT EXIST?!?! CAN ANYONE HIT ME UP?!?! SPECIFICALLY ON KAREN?!?! (#WOMP)

    “But the squirrels were safely returned to the forest”

    Seriously?… ur not gonna save those as rations? (#WOMP) I mean, they’re struggling through a frickin’ blizzard for Christ’s sake!… Where else would you find meat/protein?!? Also(3) how the hell do those squirrels survive in that climate?!? They weren’t Snow-Squirrels (which may or may not exist) or anything; they were legit NORMAL-ASS SQUIRRELS!!! I liked the isu/aisu line…

    Also(4), my highlight was probably the moment Wakaba jumped around but ALSO(5) the part where Karen/Clown-Hair teased Aine/Mio about doing them a favor. I’m not gonna lie… my no-no zone was definitely bumpin’ at that point (#WOMP). I mean, PERSONALLY I would’ve said something like:

    Me: “Well then, Mio-chan, are you willing to be my one and only girlfriend and play Pokemon TCG with me? Tee hee~ (´つ^ω^⊂)”

    Mio: “E-Eh?! Become the wife of the one and only One Five Nine-san?!?!! MOCHIRON!!! I’LL BEAR YOUR CHILDREN TOO!!! but only if you ask politely~ (◍˘ω˘◍)”


    WAH!!! GOMEN!!! (#WOMP)

    All nonsense aside, this was a good episode! Deserving of a good score… 5.8 AIKATSUS OUT OF 10!!! (#WOMP) Clown-Hair is still the lowest Aikatsu of the bunch (next to Yellow-Twin-Hair) and her growth (or lack thereof) is boring at best. Funny she should mention “character” when discussing Karen’s projecting haibts…

    ALSO I saved a ton of Mio screenshots this episode and that’s where the 5.8 comes from. But I’d rather not share because that would be a ton of work! *nod nod*

    Ye (◍˘ω˘◍)

  3. Okay, sp Karen found a girl who really wanted to do Aikatsu, but couldn’t because she was an essential worker in her town. So she couldn’t do Aikatsu no matter what, and then Karen realizes that a lot of people are unable to do Aikatsu.

    This inspired Karen to… build a school to teach people Aikatsu, which those guys can’t do anyway?

    The logic behind that thought escapes me.

  4. If there’s one thing that I’ve learnt from watching Aifure, it’s that you should never doubt LMT in any shape or form. They are THE Diamond Friends, regardless of who currently holds that label (not that PP ever flaunts their status) and one and a half year apart is not going to stop them from ‘rusting’.

    Also, seeing Mirai in Paris made me wonder whether she ran into the Kasumi sisters at some point or the other. Given the existence of AiPare, I’d wager it’s not much of a stretch to think so.

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