Aikatsu on Parade! – 005

This year’s both a trick and a treat!

Whoa, a Japanese anime that actually airs a Halloween special despite it being after the day itself, and still makes it feel like the holiday? Believe it! Much like I felt strongly for my memories of Hinaki and Juri last week, this week surprisingly does a wonderful job with Sumire in her part of the episode. And the way Raki is being written into these adventures places her squarely in a nice position of up and coming idol, without making her too strong or too good. But with each passing episode, the mysteries surrounding Onee-chan’s experiment only deepen… What is her true objective?

Episode 005: Torrent | Magnet

6 thoughts on “Aikatsu on Parade! – 005

  1. What a difference an episode makes! I wasn’t too fond of On Parade before seeing this episode, but wow. The performances were straight fire! Johnny Bepp did his damned thing! The idols and their costumes were cute and awesome, most especially Raki. She’s got that lucky charm! And wow. It’s surreal seeing Sumire and Akari do their thing in 2019. And Akari with Mirai is just mega crazy! Really wanted Raki to close the show out with her solo performance, but I guess that would be asking too much. Just gonna have to wait and see what happens next time around. Big up Akatsukin as always for delivering on the goods!

    So what you got for us this week @J159? I’m sure you have a lot to work with from this jam-packed showcase. Just remember to leave Mirai alone! haha

  2. Seeing Johnny Bepp-sensei was pretty refreshing. Hopefully we get to see every other character ever introduced in the series. Also, it was such a long time since I heard Lovely Party Collection but the nostalgia came over me and I’m surprised I even remembered the intro lyrics.

    So since the next episode is going to feature S4, I’m predicting that they’ll bounce back and forth between each world meeting different groups of people until they end with Soleil, or at least Ichigo for last, and then I assume we’ll see Onee-chan’s plan. My call on the order is: S4, Rola/Lillie, DreAca, Venus Ark, Masquerade, Soleil. idk really though, but I’m just super excited for Raki meeting everyone eventually.

  3. An excellent Halloween episode, though I wish we got to see a few more of the Starlight’s costumes. This can be forgiven though based on: the Sumire performance, the great MirAkari combo and of course using Tutu Ballerina for the ending (which surprised me since they had so far alternated between ‘Idol Katsudou! On Parade! ver.’ and a previous ED).

    Thank you as always for sharing your passionate idol activities with us!

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