Aikatsu on Parade! – 022

That which is passed down

I can feel it, the spirit and soul of Aikatsu flowing through my blood. Even now, Raki is still growing and learning as an idol, maturing as a person. We’re at the climax, and it looks like we’re going out with a bang.

Episode 022: Torrent | Magnet

I’m not going to make a separate post about the important announcements, I’m just going to put the most important things here. You can view the videos yourself on AiTube or

  • Starting Saturday March 28, a new season of Aikatsu on Parade will begin with a web broadcast. If you’re reading this now, it means you probably won’t notice any difference with the sub releases or where to watch.
  • The Aikatsu DCD (arcade game) is starting a new set to match it.
  • A new Aikatsu project is starting autumn of this year. We know that there will be new Aikatsu machines to match it, and we know there will be a TV broadcast for it. More information is coming in June. Anything more is speculation.

9 thoughts on “Aikatsu on Parade! – 022

  1. I still find it very hard to give this new series a higher rating then 6/10. The best this series has is seeing the Idols from other series again and the performances are not bad. but the whole story writing is just so bad it’s just embarrassing to watch and listen to.

    • Probably out of sentimentality; it’s not as if Tristar (Mizuki in particular) are paupers or cheapskates by any stretch of imagination.

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