Aikatsu on Parade! Web Anime – 02

Is it already hopeless?

And now for the second half of Noelle’s episode. Other than, you know, being called part 1 and 2, it’s clear that the plot of this follows the previous one directly. Is common sense finally coming to Aikatsu? Or is it about to be broken beyond repair in the face of a new star? Either way, never look down, and never stop moving.

The next episode will air on May 2nd.

Episode 02: Torrent | Magnet

10 thoughts on “Aikatsu on Parade! Web Anime – 02

  1. This episode really ticked me off I understand you want the MC to look good but there is a point of looking good and looking really stupid and they messed this up real bad. Akari tie’s with her the hell you telling me the girl who trained so hard to get where she was able to beat Ichigo in a climb at the end of her season is now a weak Idol just so the MC can look good piss right off this is an insult to Akari character arc.

  2. I was surprised to see this episode end on a cliffhanger.

    Maybe Akari has been on cliff climbing hiatus, or developed the wrong muscles lately. She could have also been going easy on her competition or underestimating them. There could be a lot of logical explanations. The one I find hard to believe is the thing you brought up of her beating Ichigo in a climb at the end of Akari’s season. Some of us might have the same feeling about that as you do about this. Wouldn’t be surprised if Ichigo threw the competition.

    On an Ichigo related note I’m thinking about going back and watching the original Aikatsu from the beginning that was Ichigo and Mizuki based. I believe I still have the original episodes. No revised editions ever came out (ex: blu-ray version) did they?

    • There are a lot of critical differences between the end of OG between Ichigo and Akari and this episode. First, that one was a real competition in which Akari won at full strength. Here, Akari is just testing them: the only competition is between Noelle and Raki. They never said that they had to beat Akari.

      There’s also the actual climb itself. Looking closely, they stop climbing at various points entirely to look down or talk or think. It wasn’t a straight race. You could even say that Akari took a minute to appreciate Noelle.

      Then there’s the speed. Akari (and Raki for a while) were climbing at a safe pace, but when Noelle started she went really fast. It’s like if a marathon runner started a one mile run, and then a sprinter came after them two minutes later. The sprinter would catch up before the end.

      Which leads into what you see at the summit. Noelle was stuck to the ground, panting and sweating, but Akari got up right away and wasn’t having any difficulty speaking at all. It’s clear that Akari was going up at a certain pace, but it took everything Noelle had to catch up at the very end.

      But none of this really matters; the point is that now Akari and Noelle’s rivalry has been born and is starting to be fulfilled. It was the two of them standing together when Mizuki gave her speech at the end of season 2, and the two of them together when they promised to share the stage at the end of season 4. We’re finally seeing that happen now, and for that I couldn’t be more grateful.

  3. Loved the episode, about Noelle being on the level of Akari makes sense because she does the same training as Seira and Co in DreAca so her physical condition is great for clift climbing.

  4. These girls still don’t bother with proper climbing safety measures, do we have to wait until one of them slips and breaks her spine before the adults decide that ropes and carabiners have to be mandatory?

    • Well, Raki was shown falling down from the cliff and yet still ended up fine. Perhaps idols in the Aikatsu universe are made up of sterner stuff than typical human beings as an whole, or Raki just so happens to be an android built by Saya herself.

    • Well, we did witness Raki falling down from a great height and landing without so much as an scratch, so it’s reasonable to conclude that idols are made out of much sterner stuff compared to your average human being. Or it could be that Raki is actually a android built by her sister Saaya, so who knows.

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