Aikatsu Planet! – 004

I guess Aikatsu Planet is connected to America

Kyouko is such a wonderful new character, superficially a combination of Sakura and Seira, but so much more. I think she really embodies the themes Aikatsu Planet is trying to share, and what each episode starts out by saying—this is a place where you can be true to yourself and become who you want to be. The sincerity with which this is told and shown made me tear up each time I rewatched it. Next week, something special that I think every Aikatsu fan has been hungry for a long time. Also I started putting my recorded episode thoughts up again, which I don’t do here to avoid absurdly long posts.

Episode 004: Torrent | Magnet

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    • 2:23
      There are more names to be remembered:
      Itou Amane (伊藤 周) 961
      Nakamura Kaede (中村 楓) 957
      Okamoto Misa (岡本 美沙) 955
      Saitou Kousuke (斉藤 浩介) 952
      Kimura Ryuuji (木村 隆二) 947
      Takebayashi Misuzu (竹林 美鈴) 946

  1. that was such a fun episode, it’s really been getting better and better with each ep !! this ep made me cry 😭 thanks so much for your passionate subkatsu !!!

  2. Is there any possibility of using web-rip Raws without the clock mark? For example, each episode streams for 2 weeks for free on the Bandai Channel on Youtube without any clock or TV logo.

    • There are some reasons for that. For one, the webrip comes up a few days after the TV airing as far as I know (but I may be wrong). The other reason is because in one of them the live action looks better, and in the other the animation looks better (from an encoding perspective). I believe the version we use has the better animation and CG. It’s technically possible to sub it, wait for the webrip, and then split them together, but then the time would still be there for half of it, and typesetting may need to be redone to match colors. Right now the situation is such that I can’t ask the current encoder to work like that, so sorry if the time bothers you.

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