8 thoughts on “Aikatsu Stars! – 014

  1. Thanks!

    Did you recently change the way your feeds work? I never recieved any notifications of the Aikatsu Stars! ep 13 and 14.

    The feed link I had bee using was : http://www.mezashite.net/feed/
    I see on the main page there are two other ones for “comments” and “entries”

  2. Thanks!

    Now I’m a bit confused. Would Yume’s Harem be the other girls she hangs with… or the 3 out of 4 M4 members she’s talked to (so far)? I would think the girls would be Yume’s Posse. Have I got it wrong?

    Just wondering….

  3. Aikatsu Stars Wikia says episode 15 will air NEXT week, not this week. And the raw episode isn’t in its usual place at nyaa.se. Is this true?

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