Aikatsu Stars! – 025

I am Breakfast in this scene

I am Breakfast in this scene

Delays brought to you by computer failure. It’s actually appropriate given the events today. This is the first episode in a while actually written by Kakihara Yuuko, the series compositor, and with that knowledge you can actually kind of feel it, since several of the characters’ personalities are knocked back into place and given a new foundation. Also, I made a handy spreadsheet right here dealing with focus and songs and such, so feel free to check it out for reference. I made this because none of the Wiki or Wikia articles had exactly what I wanted all in one place.

Episode 025: Torrent | Magnet

11 thoughts on “Aikatsu Stars! – 025

  1. Haven’t actually watched it yet but holy shit this spreadsheet really makes it clear how little the writers have cared about Koharu so far ;~; Hell, Laura might as well be Yume’s roommate at this point ._.

    Thanks for the episode~

    ((Also, F-A-P though nudge nudge wink wink))

    • You mean how much they care. I suppose you aren’t looking at it the right way. Koharu is valuable in every single episode to whoever gets the focus. Just because it’s not from her perspective doesn’t mean she isn’t developed.

      • I suppose. I feel like she’s been placed into a supporting role more so than the other girls, which is an interesting choice for someone which I feel like viewers would expect to play a larger role a la Aoi/Sumire. That said, her constant, if unemphasised, presence does lend itself to an interesting narrative about her role as the so-called “ordinary” girl among a circle of friends that are largely among the ranks of the elite.

  2. Damn, Koharu looked sexy this episode. They really need to let her have a performance. Hopefully this at least follows the trend of the original’s season 1, and this second half is better than the first.

  3. Thanks for the subs!

    Nya feeds seems to be acting up again, no warning about the episode being out then I came to check and it was out yesterday. =/

  4. It was nice to see an episode without a long ‘magical girl’ transformation and at least with a glimpse of M4 (there are boys in Aikatsu, deal with it XP) ^__^ . It felt almost like a different show in the right sense …

    I don’t know if i like Koharu’s character that much (she deserves some development) but is better than Ako-chan XP … It’s not like if i hated any character (principal included) XP …

    Thank you for the subs 🙂 .

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