Aikatsu Stars! – 032

I'm not sure which part to comment on first

I’m not sure which part to comment on first

I think last post I included a link to what yuzukoshou was, so refer to that if needed. There were a lot of little things this episode that strengthened a bunch of side relationships, like Tsubasa x Yuri and Ako x Kanata, and that’s not even mentioning what the next episode preview promises. It’s also really nice seeing the aftereffects of Koharu leaving on everyone.

Episode 032: Torrent | Magnet

6 thoughts on “Aikatsu Stars! – 032

  1. thanks guys.

    Great episode, but too bad we didn’t see “admins” on stage.
    They won over Sky Girl and Yuzukoshou.

    Ako tsundere level has never be this high.
    She’s funny but somehow I feel bad for her with the obvious Subaru X Yume ship.

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