Aikatsu Stars! – 034

Monica is best ganguro

Monica is best ganguro

Wow, I have not seen this style in a very long time. There’s a huge amount of talking about makeup in this episode as you might expect, but considering we’re just a couple of guys, I apologize if we screwed any of the terms up (not to mention some terms only exist in Japanese and vice-versa). Speaking of words, the girls speak in a form of slang known as “gyaru-go”, which is a whole bunch of weird abreevs and such. And in case you were confused, there is in fact a new OP this episode, but not a new ED. That is intentional.

If you’ve ever learned how to count in Japanese you might be confused at how we translated a certain part of this episode, but it makes sense if you try saying it out loud yourself. Also, how is it that Mahiru keeps getting the best songs? She’s too OP.

Also, if you’ve ever learned how to count in Japanese you can check out this video about the exact same thing this episode is about.

Episode 034: Torrent | Magnet

13 thoughts on “Aikatsu Stars! – 034

  1. Thanks again!

    I guess from the new OP that we won’t be seeing Koharu anytime soon, at least not before they change OPs again. With her only appearing (sort of) in the ED now, she’s almost become backstory. But somehow I suspect she’ll be back eventually.

    I can’t wait to see ep 35 this week, I really want to see how Hime lends her support to Yume, because Yume is really hurting deep down.

  2. I do not approve of Koharu killing off some of the last extant kogals, they were a critically endangered species even before this.

    Seriously though, they were cuter and more interesting before the change. But Japan will have its conformity enforced, I guess. Too bad.

  3. That song was amazing, and yes Monica is best ganguro. Seriously though, never expected to see an episode involving ganguro girls XD

    The new OP worries me a bit since it has no Koharu. I guess that means it will be a long while before we get to see her again. I just hope they don’t make us wait till next season.

  4. Thanks for the subs!
    I though it would take longer to translate since there was a new OP but you guys were quite fast. XD

    Can’t wait for episode 35.

  5. The new OP is truly amazing. They used all the scenes really well to express the characters personalities and unique traits.
    Laura surpassing Yume at their little run, Yume needing help from her friends to find her own style, Hime being the only character alone and not “happy”, Yume going from Amazing Sky Dancer to Goofy Girl. Really love it!

    Anyway, thanks for the fast sub as always.

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