Aikatsu Stars! – 036

Yukana Hotaru is 2cute

Yukana Hotaru is 2cute

In case you were wondering, “over the rainbow” is a different phrase in Japanese than this episode’s title. It also wouldn’t really fit here anyway. Continuing from last episode, how will Yume handle her strange power alone? Let’s find out today and get all our worries solved before the traditional Christmas episode.

Episode 036: Torrent | Magnet

10 thoughts on “Aikatsu Stars! – 036

    • Subaru blushes are cute.
      Also, axes.
      Hotaru is so pretty oh my asdfghjkl;

      Subaru was in the preview.
      3 episodes in a row of Subaru…. i lick.

  1. Good to finally see Yume with a real smile on her face again.

    Also, was that an axe I saw in the preview for the xmas episode? :3

  2. I don’t say this often enough, but thanks so much for the subs.

    So, . Just strawberries, or a little nod to the first series? (Or a subtle hint that the “mysterious power” is the Fever of Succession and Yume is destined to become Hoshimiya Ichigo the 2nd? They do keep talking about it in terms of feeling like another person.)

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