12 thoughts on “Aikatsu Stars! – 039

    • We’re not, but there’s a chance another group I know of will. I don’t want to say who in case they don’t, but there is interest.

  1. Thanks!

    I think I see what Yume’s individuality is, but it’s such a natural thing for her, she doesn’t even realize it’s something special. But we’ve been getting clues for quite a few episodes, and I’m seeing a pattern. I think it’s something she shares with Ichigo, and maybe even more so with Akari. Anybody see where I’m going with this, hmmm?

  2. Whenever I rewatch this episode, I keep thinking that Lily doesn’t have a fever when she’s reading her thermometer. It said 36.5, and body temperature is 37.0 C. But the way she reacted, and hid the thermometer from Yuri and Miki(?), makes me think she did have a fever. Maybe it’s not an oral thermometer?

    • Maybe she has a naturally low body temperature and that’s high for her. Or it’s something like an armpit thermometer (not sure if they measure lower).

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