Aikatsu Stars! – 045

These little fans are so cute

These little fans are so cute

This episode made me very proud of Ako. Also there was something minor but very important, so click for more after you watch. (Also the movies are just about done, release within a day or two)

Episode 045: Torrent | Magnet

At the end of the episode, the kids call Ako by her name for the first time, and Ako goes through her movie line three times. The first two times are normal.

watashi, nani ga nandemo, yume wo kanaete misemasu!

watashi, nani ga nandemo, yume wo kanaete misemasu!

But then for the final time, she switches the mode she’s using and says it in her own voice.

watakushi wa nani ga nandemo, yume wo kanaete misemasu wa!

watakushi wa nani ga nandemo, yume wo kanaete misemasu wa!

I’m sure you can understand the significance of this without anything else from me.

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  1. Why does it keep sounding like the 3rd-year S4 members (everyone but Yuzu) are competing again for S4? I thought S4 was the top students from the first three years (middle school) and that Hime, Tsubasa, and Yozora would be moving up (to high school?). Much like only middle-school girls were eligible to compete for Starlight Queen, even though a 3rd year Starlight Queen would serve during her first year in the high school. Maybe S4 is the same way, that the three older girls can be in S4 one more year. I’m so confused. 😛

      • That would possibly settle a question I’ve had in my mind… who could take the S4 positions for Beauty and Theatre Classes without first years (Mahiru and Ako) getting in. I expect Yuzu will remain in S4 for Dance Class… and I have a good idea how Song Class will turn out, but I’m going to sit on that for the moment. Bottom line though, I don’t think that any of our first-years will make it into S4 THIS time around. Too soon, and it would break up the team. Just my opinion. ^_^

        • Didn’t the teachers (I forgot who and what episode) say that if no one could beat the current S4, the members would stay the same? I might be wrong lol.

          • I don’t remember the teachers mentioning that, but I thought in the New Year episode that Yuri and Lily (both second-years) said this is their last chance to make it into S4. Maybe getting into S4 and staying in S4 are handled differently. Hopefully ep 46 will explain it better.

    • That’s the rule for S4 Selection, the first and second year will against the current S4 to take their spot. And from summary in official website, [spoilers deleted by Akatsukin].

    • OHHHH YEAH OKAY. SO IN THE NEW EPISODE IT WAS LIKE. THE 3RD YEARS, EVEN IF THEY WIN THEY CAN’T BECOME S4 AGAIN. SO THE RUNNER UP WOULD BECOME S4. LIKE, IF YUZU WERE TO WIN AGAIN THEN. (Oops caps) So if Yuzu were to win, she would stay in S4 because she is currently a 2nd year student, but Hime, Tsubasa, and Yozora cannot even if they won because they will be graduating soon. So the 2nd place winners of the other three classes would become S4 members.

  2. Next weeks preview has Ako packing up of stuff (her subaru merch?) I wonder if she’s doing it to focus more on the S4 Selections

    Thanks for the subs!

  3. This was a great episode. Ako was always a character that I felt lacked some development, she just kinda was there and this was a good way to improve her.

    Thanks anyway ~

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