Aikatsu Stars! – 073

I wonder which is the father and which is the mother

Gonna be honest, I was kind of worried about the episode during the first half, but the second half and performance blew those clouds away. Impossible rainbow aside (the sun needs to be behind you to see a rainbow), I’m going to borrow the words of a fan on Kirakiratter and say you must absolutely watch the CG this episode. The depth of expression, the little touches put into the audience, and even the song itself reminding me of Melody of the Heart blew me away. What an absolute pleasure it was.

Episode 073: Torrent | Magnet

14 thoughts on “Aikatsu Stars! – 073

  1. Are there even people who skip the CG? I’m someone who would skip the rest of the episode just to watch the CG over and over again 🙂

  2. Anyone else have the video keep freezing after she says: “this is my star premium rare cord”?

    Blasphemy : changing a [spoiler] companies name for one person, and one dress when the company wasn’t even her’s. It seems like a slap in the face to the old lady that made and runs the company. It would have been one thing if they just made an off shoot of the brand/company, but to change it was going to far. [/spoiler]

    • Well Berry Parfait case same as Gothic Victoria’s Lily, the idol itself who created the brands, but there’s person behind it who support its brands, Gothic Victoria with Piroshenko and Berry Parfait with Yuiko, also there’s one line in this episode which indicated that Yume was founded Berry Parfait, it was line when Yuiko said, “Do you plan to abandon everything you’ve worked hard to build up?”

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