Aikatsu Stars! – 079

My own clone?!

Happy Halloween! Just a note—there’s this untranslatable pun in the middle where they turn 組 (gumi) into グミ (gumi), so that Song Class becomes Song Gummy and so on. Also, I guess Lily felt like naming the person she was quoting for the first time in the entire series?

Episode 079: Torrent | Magnet

12 thoughts on “Aikatsu Stars! – 079

  1. Thanks again for the subs!

    1. After all these episodes, and hours since this sub came out, no one is hooting and hollering that Koharu finally got to perform? Well… WOOHOO!

    2. I think Aikatsu in general, and Ichigo & Co. in particular, got subtly referenced in Animegataris ep 4. (Three idols, one axe.) ^_^

  2. It’s nice to see Koharu perform but her voice doesn’t really fit the song. Let’s just hope we see her sing a song specially made for her.

    • Or if she sang alone instead of singing with Yume.
      Yume’s voice is overpowering hers specially when transitioning from her solo to Yume’s solo. They sound good on parts where they sing at the same time though.

  3. This is pretty awesome, but I really want to see a resolution to that attack on Laura from the last episode. She’s been lacking as of later episodes.

  4. 私の熱いイカ活動『イカツ!』始まりますでゲソ!

    Because, see, it’s thought that the kraken legend was based on observations of giant squid so… never mind.

    Thanks as always!

  5. Thanks.

    We had to wait 134 episodes between Shion’s first appearance and her first concert in Aikatsu, so yeah, glad that we got Koharu’s one year sooner.
    I can now hope that we have a Yuri/Juli concert.

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