Charlotte — PV

Surprise (?), we’re doing the newest Key x PA Works crossover anime with Maeda Jun at the helm. This is an original translation sub as a joint with Good Job! Media.

Charlotte PV: Torrent

(Extra information down below)

As it turns out, they officially provided all of the episode titles in advance. They are listed below, but may be subject to change once we get there.

CI_4cgDVEAAkleG.jpg large

(Highlight to view)

1) I Think of Someone Else
2) Melody of Despair
3) Love and Flames
4) The Ephemeral Truth
5) The Sound Once Heard
6) Oblivious Happiness
7) At the End of Escape
8) Chance Encounter
9) A World not Here
10) Pillage
11) Charlotte
12) Promise
13) Records From Today Forth

7 thoughts on “Charlotte — PV

  1. Key’s works then to be a little to dramatic for my tastes, so I think I will pass on this show at least for now. I liked Angel Beats, but probably only because I watched it after it finished airing, so I could watch the whole thing in one sitting.

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