Sakura Trick – 03

There's more than one type of homo this episode

There’s more than one type of homo this episode

We runnin’ old skool this episode. Got dem Yuzus, dem Hanas, and dem Yuus. Just as a reminder, you need to use your ears while watching anime.

Episode 03: Torrent

Supplemental: Some people seem to be confused about the umbrella thing. In Japan, writing two people’s names under an umbrella with a heart on it is similar to writing two people’s names inside a heart. They find it romantic to share umbrellas when it rains and such. And just in case you’re still confused, I <3 You = I <3 Yuu (there will apparently be more English jokes later, so stay on your toes).

Marimite artist, I heard?

Marimite artist, I heard?

16 thoughts on “Sakura Trick – 03

    • totally agree I miss those days when Friday we already had episode and now we don’t even have it on Saturday… I don’t know what could get their AikaPassion back and us to get episodes finally on time…

  1. 9:34 – athetlics -> athletics
    24:02 – typeset says “Plot” but the subs say “Plan”; “be” should be capitalized

    Thanks for the subs!

  2. Thanks!
    But translating “kyuugi” in “sports ball” rather than just “sports” would have been more accurate (and a major difference with “athletics”).

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