Aikatsu! – 05

Silly Ichigo, that’s not how you read.

I hope you all weren’t hoping that there would only be two insert songs, because spoiler alert, this week we finally get a new song, spurred on by the finally appearing third member of the idol group.  Enjoy this week’s dose of idols.

Unnecessary note: Towards the end of the episode, a certain character has “-tarou” added to the end of her name.  If you didn’t fully understand from context, “tarou” used to be a common part of boy’s names, such as the famous “Momotarou” and “Urashima Tarou”. “Rantarou” itself sounds old-fashioned, prompting the samurai comment. (The ninja comment may be a reference to Nintama Rantarou.)

Episode 05: Torrent | DDL

8 thoughts on “Aikatsu! – 05

  1. Whee! Thanks for Aikatsu 5!

    Would anybody know when Aikatsu is gonna have OP/ED singles out?
    I’m addicted to both songs and their website doesn’t seem to say it though it’s most likely my amateurish Japanese at fault.

    • i wonder too when they will release all songs in cd or at least full versions like in mermaid melody cause all versions of the songs singed yet has other sounds and i want clear versions to sing i dont know yet about this episode but all other songs had these extra sounds that ruins the song e.g. mizuki sad sth or the fan scream ruins the song and thnx for the website ill use my google translator to translate it cause i dont understand japanese writing at all just a few kanji i know

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