Aikatsu! – 100

Highest budget shot in the episode

Highest budget shot in the episode

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Episode 100: Torrent | Magnet

So yeah, I said I’d drop this shit if there was a tie, and you can see how that ended up. Now I understand why the camera angles were so weird two episodes ago and showed a lot less than I expected. Try watching them both and comparing them. What I’m referring to is how vastly different WM and 2wingS performances were. The former was all about synchronization and a sort of overlayed effect, whereas the latter was all about individuality and bringing out their own personalities. Very fitting with the message and theme of the show. Oh yeah, and…



16 thoughts on “Aikatsu! – 100

  1. Now I have my doubts: I really don’t know if I continue watching Aikatsu or I stop with this episode. 50 to 100 episode was really lazy and not good enough.

    • WHAT?
      2nd is the best season:
      Kii, Sora, Akari, Mikuru and her “adult mode”, moar Ran (and Ran x Sora), moar Aoi, moar Yurika, and of couse “Aidoru katsudou” sung by a rocker Ichigo wearing nekomimi…

      Best season ever.

  2. Thanks for the release!

    S2 has been such a hit or miss. Here’s hoping S3 in two weeks will be a lot better, the fairytale themed coords seem nice at least.

  3. I knew 2wingS was going to win and I’m really happy that Ichigo is now top idol after 100 episodes and I would usually agree with the results because I don’t like WM’s performances that much, but damn. That performance last episode was so beautiful and fantastic, while this one felt just like a regular one.

    Anyways, the episode was great nonetheless. Looking forward to the epilogue and IDOL NOELLE.
    I’m hoping for some Ichigo here and there next season, but I somehow feel she’ll be like Mizuki at the start of this season, going behind the scenes for some time.

  4. Something I noticed during this episode as opposed to 98 when it comes to 2WingS:

    In 98, their Idol Aura stuff appears around Ichigo and Seira as they walk towards the main stage and is just enough to cover the two of them, but in 100 it appears as soon as they make it to the main circular stage and it envelopes the whole circle of the stage.

    Thought it was an interesting touch.

    Also glad they won. While I would have taken a tie (not really), I would have flipped a table if Mizuki and Mikuru won. Here’s hoping 2wingS makes a comeback next season, because they’re an awesome group 😀

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