Aikatsu! – 153

They're mightily winsome!

They’re mightily winsome!

Whooooa it’s time for the fourth year of Aikatsu!!! Hokkaidoooo! Potatoooo! Yahooooo!

Episode 153: Torrent

PS: I totally forgot to give credit to the alternate translation choice for なまら. Whenever we face a question like this about what important word choice to use the alternatives don’t usually get out, but this time I feel like giving credit where credit is due. I picked “mightily”, because I felt that the notion of Akari-tachi never having heard a word before was more important. Etoce wanted “full”, because an archaic meaning of that is really/very, and he thought they should be confused about the usage of the word. There’s no right answer, but now you know.

You bet I still follow this tradition

You bet I still follow this tradition

Jesus fuck why can’t Aegisub just do exactly what I want I just wanted a unicorn to throw up all over my screen and it took me countless hours to get it to work with a ridiculous amount of manual fixing and why aren’t pixels smaller goddamn we should do this in 1080p if it exists

19 thoughts on “Aikatsu! – 153

    • Until the blu-rays come out, you’re right. No Aikatsu! on premium 1080p channels. Got quite a while until the blu-rays come out. I mean, Mezza could upscale it, but that would be silly and wasteful.

  1. Nice first episode for the new season, I really like the new OP and ED, especially the OP (got pretty fired up seeing all the characters), though I don’t know that I’ll ever like an ED as much as Chuchu Ballerina.

    For some reason, seeing that release pic almost makes me see Risa and Nono as younger versions of Mizuki and Mikuru…

    Also, big time bonus points for ‘winsome,’ that made me smile.

    Great work as always; thank you very much for all have done and continue to do to bring Aikatsu! to a wider audience.

  2. Thanks for the new episode. I have a feeling I’ll like these new characters much more than S3’s main cast…

  3. If I’m seeing the preview right, Luminas will be shuttling to their concert sites and back to school again? Some of those shots looked like Akari-chan and Sumire-chan’s dorm room. I had the impression they’d be on the road for three months, which is I think what Soleil has been doing for six months, returning so far only for Aikatsu8 and the Starlight Festival.

    Anyway, great episode, thanks for the sub work again. 24 hours and I can watch the raw ep 154. 🙂

  4. I loved the episodes so much i watched about 6 to 7 times without getting bored noticed the double wink on Nono it never got boring also noticed at the end of episode 153 Risa reminded me how she gives the same expression as Mizuki Kanzaki when she says i want to give it a serious try

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