Aikatsu! – 154

The first one was secret and in sepia, it didn't count

The first one was secret and in sepia, so it didn’t count

After you watch this episode, if you haven’t seen it in a while then go back and rewatch episode 1. Yes, the very first one. Including the next episode preview.

Episode 154: Torrent

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  1. anybody got a link to the first episode? I like a lot of you guys havent seen it since 20fucking12 and I can’t find any seeds . would be super appreciated!

  2. By the way… “Frozen Flower of the Stage”?

    I liked “Ice Flower” better. Besides, by now Disney has probably copyrighted “frozen” with a capital F.

  3. I feel like I’m living the season 1 days and it’s pretty awesome. For me, season 3 has been kind of lackluster so I’m really glad that we came this far… and my God they danced to the new ED song. All my motherfucking yes.

    Thanks for the release.

    • I *think* some of the dialogue between Nono-chan and Risa-chan was not unlike that between Ichigo and Aoi, although I can’t match up Nono-chan with Ichigo and Risa-chan with Aoi, or the other way around.

      And then there was a still shot of Raichi carrying a box of potatoes.

      And the whole “turn your ____ into a mic” thing.

      Or maybe that’s just how my mind works…. 😉

    • In a season with all new music, during the training montage they specifically used exactly the same music as episode 1 and did very similar training to Ichigo and Aoi. The preview thing I referenced was that Nono said the title of episode 2, アイドルがいっぱい!, which means “lots of idols”, immediately when she got to Starlight. And yes, the obvious turn your XXX into a mic part.

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