Aikatsu! – 50

 Those irreplaceable memories and uneventful days...

Those irreplaceable memories and uneventful days…

So here we are at the last episode of the season. Let me tell you (because I typed up the bottom part first and forgot to put this in), I was not expecting Aikatsu to be 50 goddamn episodes.  We learned this I think 7 episodes in, and resolved to finish it no matter what. Well, here we are, staring at the face of another 50 long episodes. Let’s see if our resolve doesn’t waver as time goes on.

Akatsukin (TL, timer, QC, TS, kfx (some), song TL (some)):

One year ago, I was inspired to start a fansubbing group. Etoce and I had played with the idea earlier, but neither of us had taken initiative until that time. I regularly checked fansubdb, looking to see if there were any show that was interesting, not too difficult, and not taken by another group. The first week of the 2012 Fall season came around, and I started downloading several raws for the first time. That’s when I stumbled upon a new idol show called Aikatsu! Nobody else was doing it, I knew I liked idols from AKB0048 and idolm@ster, and because it was a children’s show I knew it wouldn’t be too hard for our first subbing enterprise. Most importantly, I fell in love with Ichigo almost immediately.

I still remember that first week, desperately figuring out how to use aegisub, scrambling to make a website that looked good, and most importantly, coming up with a name for our group. If I remember correctly, it must’ve taken at least two full days of thinking (while all the while worried my efforts would go to waste) before I was inspired. I thought long and hard about what we could be called that also related to idols—and then it hit me. We would be “Mezashite!”, in honor of the girls who were ever aiming to become the top idol. I ran it by Eto (who rejected my alternative “Mezase!”), and our group was born. Yuyu joined us after the second episode, appalled that we didn’t have a proper encoder.

It hasn’t quite been a full year yet, but a lot has happened, and I’m glad we’re here today. We may still have a long way to the top, but we’ll keep on Aikatsu-ing all the way.

Etoce (Editing, TS, kfx, song TL (most))

Everything I can say about that first week is pretty much the same as what Akatsukin said, except that I wasn’t too enthusiastic about the name “Mezashite!”. I suppose one grows to like one’s name, though. I did, at least. My leading alternative was “Orbit”, which was an astrological term, a brand of chewing gum, and a vowel-starting-with word. The best fansub group ever had a name with those qualities, so I thought that taking that name would make us awesome for sure. (The main downside with “Orbit” being that it sounded pretty bad.)

As for Aikatsu, I liked it.

Yuyu (Encoding, “moral support”)

ai katsu


Episode 50 (END): Torrent

Raichi is facepalming -through- his glasses

Raichi is facepalming -through- his glasses

Three strawberries in a row

Three strawberries in a row—I’ll have the one on the left


I wonder if she can actually fit that in her mouth…


The Semi-Queen Hoshimiya Ichigo departs for America!

I cannot express how happy this made me in mere human words

I cannot express how happy this made me in mere human words

What the FUCK is going on here?

What the FUCK is going on here?

See you all next week.

BONUS: You can get my entire Aikatsu image collection from here, here, and here.

25 thoughts on “Aikatsu! – 50

  1. Thanks for all the hard work, I look forward to another year with you guys.

    Also shoutouts to Powa Powa Puririn still being a thing in S2.

  2. Can we assume that you’ll be continuing with S2 from your “see you next week” comment? If I’m being pushy tell me to push off. Thank you.

  3. I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for bringing this show to life. I have watched hundreds of anime over the past 15+ years, and I can honestly say that Aikatsu has been one of the most enjoyable, fun, heartfelt series I’ve ever seen. If not for the hard work of you at Mezashite subs, I never would have been able to experience this wonderful show. Additionally, words can’t express my joy that you’ll also be subbing Season 2! I was truly crushed when I thought perhaps you wouldn’t pick it up. A thousand times, thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  4. Thanks for persevering. I was very surprised by how much I ended up loving Aikatsu. It has easily been one of my favorite anime for the (almost) entire year that it has been running. Can’t wait for the next season!

    • I was with the others wondering what was up with the song for the starlight queen cup.. it just didn’t seem to fit.

      But they had a plan.

      In this episode… waow. As a duet it was beautiful. Perfect.

  5. I started to watch Aikatsu! somehow accidentaly: Mezashite? Aikatsu? Never heared about both… let’s see what’s this shit… oh, how wrong I was. Anime was pure fun full of awesome moments and I’m really glad and thankful that you subbed it for all of us. Honestly, thank you! I hope we will be able to meet here in one year once more. Good luck and have fun watching second season.

  6. Thank you so much for subbing this show. It has been a wonderful experience made possible by your dedication and hard work. I look forward to seeing S2 if you are deciding to continue on. You should know it was thanks to you that many of us were able to experience this gem in all its glory.

  7. Thank you guys so much, its been awesome. went into this thing last september, episode 1, with no idea. and now im sitting here playing aikatsu cinderella lesson on the 3ds like a fgt but im loving it lol

  8. Hello! I’m from Italy!!!
    I want to thank you for your hard and fast work with this great anime!! I will follow also the second season, so I thank you in advance also for that!!

  9. Just wanted to say thank you so sticking with it and completing the season, and am glad to hear you plan to continue with Season 2 – looking forward to it!

  10. First subbing job, good subs throughout with few mistakes, very punctual with few delays…and for 50 episodes you never gave up.

    You’re awesome. Keep it up. I can’t watch Aikatsu! without you.

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