Aikatsu! 5th Anniversary Special

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Whoa, I did it! Yes, I subbed our first one of these special episodes, and from the very same room at home that I rarely return to where I ignored the very first “special” episode before 12 of the original series on Christmas. This is almost entirely live action, with interviews and just general chatting between the voice actresses of Ichigo, Akari, Yume, and a few other special guests. It’s not exactly necessary to watch, but I certainly enjoyed it. Also be warned that this is a bit below our usual quality, as I only did one pass on it and there’s no editing or typesetting. Plus, doing real people talking off-script is super hard compared to anime. It’s still fine to watch though, so enjoy if you’d like. It’s pretty inspirational and moving at parts.

5th Anniversary Special: Torrent | Magnet

9 thoughts on “Aikatsu! 5th Anniversary Special

  1. Thank you very much!!!
    I never thought you will be subbeb this!!!
    I hear there will be long version for Interview Session… Will you subbeb that too???

  2. Guys, I am trying to translate some manga(using digital scanner and google translate, lol), doing very well so far. But got one problem, I can’t translate this, first 2 signs are cryptic for me. Scanner do not recognize them and even when I try to draw them with hand in google – still nothing. I bet they are easy for everyone who can read Japanese. Anyone can help?

  3. Typo error: Yume’s new coord is called “Rainbow Etoile” and not “Etoire”.

    It was weird when they said they looked like suspicious people playing that game because “only little girls play this”…

  4. Super late (I’m so far behind watching things these days ;_;) but felt I simply had to express my thanks, not only for this special (which I love and wish more people fansubbed these kinds of specials or extras from home video releases) but also for all the love, effort and memories from these last 5 wonderful years. As a supreme idol with a penchant for quotations of dubious origin once asked, “Did my gratitude and appreciation shine through?” I can only hope so as I can’t properly express them in my words. Thank you!

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