Aikatsu! – 84

I agree with Mizuki here

I agree with Mizuki here

Febris is the Roman goddess of fever, both causing it and protecting from it. And I hope you remember Sakura’s second episode and the Mastery of Communication, because similar things are brought up.

Episode 84: Torrent

Full rankings below. You’ll need to look at the episode 83 post for the full story.

You didn't really think I'd let you go with just one Mikuru pic, right?

You didn’t really think I’d let you go with just one Mikuru pic, right?

Personal Aikatsu Ranking:
1) Kanzaki Mizuki
2) Hoshimiya Ichigo
3) Otoshiro Seira
4) Arisugawa Otome
5) Kazesawa Sora
6) Himesato Maria
7) Kiriya Aoi
8) Saegusa Kii
9) Toudou Yurika
10) Amane Mirai
11) Takafuji Yukiko
12) Shibuki Ran
13) Ichinose Kaede
14) Kitaouji Sakura
15) Kamiya Shion
16) Mori Kurumi
17) Kimura Rio
18) Kurosawa Michiru (with the shoulder pet)
19) Miwa Satsuki (Sakura’s roommate)
20) Nonomiya Chiyo (loves apples, top right in previous post’s image)

Note here about Mikuru rising to rank 8 and pushing everyone else down one.

Japanese Kawaii

Japanese kawaii

Unit Aikatsu Ranking:
1) Double M (WM)
2) Powa Powa Puririn
3) SpLasH!
4) Maiden Smoothy
5) Spiral Heart
6) Digital Group!
7) Sunset Angels
8) Melancholy Flamencholy
9) FAM Girls
10) MIRAI NO HAJIMARI (Start of the Future)
11) Tenth Generation Funky Sisters
12) Peaches ♡
13) 52 Nadeshiko
14) Rainbow Tale
15) my girly
16) Sugar Girls ♪
17) Borealis ♣
18) Flower Zoo
19) Periwinkles
20) Mimosa

Well, at least they didn’t forget about Splash.

7 thoughts on “Aikatsu! – 84

  1. Man, Soleil not on that list 🙁 I wish we’d get more of Ichigo, Aoi and Ran. Anyway, thanks for the release!! 😀

  2. Guys, Soleil isn’t a unit anymore so it wouldn’t be in the ranking anyway. It’s like as if Star Anis managed to find its way into the ranking.

    On a related note, Melancholy Flamencoly is the best unit name.

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