Aikatsu! – 85

Stop trying to seduce me, Ran

Stop trying to seduce me, Ran

Drama audition episode, and as is the usual the song was not translated. Maybe later if you bug me. Ichigo does another kanji thing with 殺陣 (sword fighting), 立て (stand), 縦 (height), and 盾 (shield) (they’re all pronounced “tate”). The dojo sign just says 体技心 meaning body-technique-spirit. The books Sora uses as references say that Muslim women cover their entire bodies (I’m serious). Yeah, not even I know why it took so long to do this episode.

Episode 85: Torrent

4 thoughts on “Aikatsu! – 85

  1. Ichigo briefly channels Shirokuma. Yurika should get lessons in umbrella-wielding from Rikka (come to think, the two would probably hit it off really well). And I loved that “Bewitching Blade” is like a powered-up version of Ran’s original nickname.

    Thanks as always!

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