Aikatsu Friends! – 010

Chocolate and potato chips? That’s a weird combination…

If it were possible to feel more like real middle schoolers and do a better job of seamlessly showing opposite personality traits that are consistent with everything we knew about the characters previously, I have yet to see it. My expectations were far surpassed.

Episode 010: Torrent | Magnet

(P.S. Just call it chocolate, okay, I know it’s probably youkan)

6 thoughts on “Aikatsu Friends! – 010

    • Yeah, like just ask Aine out already even the other two noticed with how hard Mio was staring at Aine.
      Next episode will be great.

  1. It’s been a since since I was hyped enough with Aikatsu to watch the raws than re-watch it once the subs come out, probably since the original Aikatsu.
    I’m really loving this show and can’t wait for next episode. 🙂

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