Aikatsu Friends! – 011

Hello, Coco-chan. How can I make a cute idol girlfriend?

Kimi wa dare to Friends wo suru?

Honestly, my first time watching this episode I thought it was just average. Thankfully that was only due to a couple things that I’ve pinpointed and come to terms with, and upon multiple rewatches it stands out as yet another fabulous episode. However, I have absolutely no idea what to expect for next week, which just makes it all the more exciting.

Episode 011: Torrent | Magnet

15 thoughts on “Aikatsu Friends! – 011

  1. thank you as always. i’m starting to like going into these episodes blind again! even though i know all the spoilers it all seems to feel rather new to me

  2. I was amused by Mio giving her phone… I mean, Coco… the little “you doofus” chop to the forehead. That’s like slapping Alexa for saying something dumb. >_< o_O

    • Given all the sensors these smartphones have nowadays it’s no wonder if you hit or shake it crazily to show AI that is being stupid it’s rightful place.

  3. Thanks! I am really digging Mio’s character. i love how they manged to make her simultaneously cool and a huge dweeb

  4. This episode was good, but it also made me sad because we probably won’t see Nako again, and we never even knew her Friends unit name.

    • Just you wait for the practice Friends Cup that will inevitably happen–Nako will come in fourth place (after Honey Cat, Pure Palette, and whatever third group appears as the rivals that isn’t Love Me Tear).

  5. Such a “romantic” confession XD

    I definitely enjoyed that. Coco getting all embarrassed was cute too.

    Thank you for all of your hard work~

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