Aikatsu Friends! – 061

Goodbye, snow sisters. I will miss you

We have reached the thrilling climax of the Solvette saga, as well as the first cour of the season. I laughed, I cried, and in the end I was satisfied. Never doubt the power of Aikatsu, and its ability to bring smiles to everyone.

Episode 061: Torrent | Magnet

14 thoughts on “Aikatsu Friends! – 061

    • Sad to say, it was this arch that made me drop the series. I was enjoying the relative lack of unnecessary drama (that would normally at least resolve quickly) in till this arch hit and wouldn’t go away.
      so. much. drama. I was watching this show to escape reality and petty drama.

  1. This was just so weak as the ending arc of solvette they missed so much that could of made this great well it’s not like I expected anything from these writers after all.

  2. That was a pretty weird ending to the whole thing. I still don’t get Alicia’s motivation for not doing Aikatsu anymore after her mom on her death bed outright begged Alicia to do it. The transition to the stage was very sudden too. It felt a bit like reading a book where someone ripped out a few random pages.

    Now, I will need someone to draw a parody of that Slam Dunk scene with Alicia going “I want to do Aikatsu”.

    • We the viewers understood that, but she didn’t. With her mother gone, her father ill, and her little brother too young to rule. In this situation it would seem selfish to pursue her own desires while her citizens suffered. Her mother told her it was her job to save the country, so she did what she thought she had to do and sacrificed her own happiness for the sake of her country.

  3. Loved this ep. So glad to see Alicia able to start smiling naturally again. Her jumping into Hibiki’s arms made me tear up a little.

  4. Absolutely in love with Alicia, now even more than ever!

    Her song, her dress, her performance really made her look llike she came straight out of a fairytale! So glad she got back into Aikatsu <3 I'm happy that they didn't try to solve this withing 2 episodes and took their time with this arc. They could've done better, but hey, I'm not complaining!

    Can't wait to see more of Alicia's Aikatsu, now that she is becoming an official part of the main cast!! Thank you so much for bringing us our weekly Aikatsu, you are doing god's work ( ˘ ³˘)♥

  5. The arc was just a waiting room for Alicia’s performance. I waited for that moment and was not disappointed. Still no Shirogane Lillie, but the whole winter motif they got going with her was beautiful and I loved it.

  6. This arc was absolutely fantastic; it truly explored the meaning of Aikatsu and illustrated the effect it has on people’s lives excellently. Thus far, best saga of the show by far in my opinion. I have high hopes for the rest of the season. Thank you, Aikatsu.


    But seriously the whole had-to-protect-her-kingdom thing… yes that's a valid reason so why not TELL YOUR FRIEND AND NOT LEAVE HER HANGING FOR YEARS?!?! And in all honesty it should've been grander like "C'mon Hibiki you're just too much sometimes you need to chill and I need a break!!" (#WOMP)

    Anyway I'm glad Hibiki and Alicia are back together, but this arc took itself WAY too seriously with little or no substance. I prefer Aikatsu when it's dumb or exaggerated, like convincing Alicia that she had to Aikatsu in order to unfreeze everyone. And why did they even tell her it was all made-up?! It'd be funnier 20 episodes from now like:

    Alicia: *tries to defrost chicken* C'mon dangit why won't my Aikatsu work!?!? What?!?! You guys tricked me? Oh well I ghosted you for 2 years so I guess we're even. (#WOMP)

    Also, just an observation… did [name-of-red-clown-haired-girl-here] always have child-bearing hips?! (hope that link works) She’s arguably the dullest character of the bunch so I don’t blame myself for not noticing, but dang they really puffed her out… I’m not sure how I feel about that but I know how I feel about this next set… in the next comment~ (´つ^ω^⊂)

    • Okay so I also noticed they gave Mio bigger buns, and I applaud my Nippon-Nakamas profusely (#WOMP). So Aine got larger breasts, Mio got buns, and [CLOWN HAIR] got hips. Which means everyone else got a buff in season 2, too?!!? But then what did Pink-Hair get?! And more importantly… WHAT DID KAGUYA GET?!?!

      Anyway hope Wakaba arc is good. I feel like her copy-cat vibe will yield good drama~

  8. “With all seven years of Heisei Aikatsu! [including Stars! and Friends!], I could simply gaze to the world stage. They would all gather on one ginormous event and I call that… mercy. And then, I can finally rest. And watch the sun rise on a grateful universe. The hardest choices require the strongest wills. You have my respect, Masquerade. When, I’m done half of their talents will still be alive. I hope they remember you.”

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