Aikatsu Friends! – 062

Are you my sister?

I was very close to having to deal with the whole かえる (kaeru, frog) and 帰る (kaeru, to come back) pun, but thankfully they didn’t make me dance around it. But it does explain why the frogs are relevant to the episode. In any case, we’re finally back in Japan, and getting a bit more of our new girl, Harukaze Wakaba. This felt like more of a breather episode, but from here on we should be ramping it up once more.

Episode 062: Torrent | Magnet

11 thoughts on “Aikatsu Friends! – 062

  1. As an episode, it didn’t really amount to much. Wakaba’s voice is strangely irritating. Funny that they want to finish with a group picture, and yet we don’t see it. That was unexpected.

    I still find it interesting that Hariu prefers to spend his time giving the Moon twins life advice rather than doing manager work. I suppose it comes with the job. But we never see Tamaki trying to get confidential with Aine or Mio. Maybe she is a more distant person than she appears.

  2. Wakaba is really adorable. Glad we get to see more of her. This was a fun episode and it was nice to see the sisters back in the spotlight after a long while it feels like. Next episode looks interesting~.

  3. OH MY GOD WAKABA HAS THE STUPIDEST HAIR, STUPIDEST OUTFIT, STUPIDEST NAME IF YOU SPELL IT BACKWARDS, AND STUPIDEST VOICE EVER AND I’M ALL FOR IT!!! WE STAN A LEGEND!!! ヽ(●゚´Д`゚●)ノ゚ (she actually wore two separate outfits this episode, which was kinda nice)

    My only complaint was Red Clown-Hair… they really had her sing and not Wakaba? I know it’s not her time yet but still, they teased the Miracle Audition so I just assumed.

    Another observation: I totally forgot Sakuya’s character was really shy/anxious. I think her last upset was the moon princess audition (basically her intro before we knew she had a sister). And maybe that one time she locked herself in that room and didn’t want to perform, but that was more to protect her sister cause of the divination or something like that (or maybe I’m wrong, I forget, gomen!)! She had no problem with Hibiki’s presence or the fake Shirayuri Sisters (in fact, Kaguya was more flustered). Maybe Wakaba is hiding something sinister… also YES SITTING SEVERAL TABLES AWAY WAS TOTALLY RUDE but good material so it gets my upvote!

    “But it does explain why the frogs are relevant to the episode.”

    Actually, the frogs were a euphemism for the lack of male characters and the thirsty boys who watch this show. Thus our responsibility to become their Prince Charmings and buy all the merchandise in exchange for a ki–


    WAH!!! GOMEN!!! (#womp)

    Anyway fun ep. I give it 7.2 Aikatsu’s out of 10 (◍˘ω˘◍)

  4. “Kaguya-san, you have taken care of Sakuya-san since you were both babes.”

    …Babes? Or Babies? Pardon my misunderstanding, but doesn’t the usage of the former imply that the twins used to be, uh…more ‘adult-like’ in terms of mannerisms?

    • Yeah I noticed that too, but thought maybe it was OP’s obsession with the Shirayuri Sisters (similar to my own) like the time they left a caption in their Aikatsu Friends episode 30 post proclaiming they wanted to brush (and evidently sniff) their hair. I don’t blame em’ (◍˘ω˘◍)

      (but seriously it was likely a typo on their end)

  5. “With all seven years of Heisei Aikatsu! [including Stars! and Friends!], I could simply gaze to the world stage. They would all gather on one ginormous event and I call that… mercy. And then, I can finally rest. And watch the sun rise on a grateful universe. The hardest choices require the strongest wills. You have my respect, Masquerade. When, I’m done half of their talents will still be alive. I hope they remember you.”

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