Aikatsu Friends! – 069

Oh gosh Karen is the prettiest and they all have amazing hair

100% perfect vacation episode making use of every last second for it, and wasting no time on anything else. No worrying about setup or dealing with the overarching plotline for later, this was devoted entirely to beachkatsu and nothing else. There’s also a bit of an unexpected surprise at the end, so don’t skip through anything. We’ll have more info on that next week.

Episode 069: Torrent | Magnet

9 thoughts on “Aikatsu Friends! – 069

  1. I’ll just hang out at the ice pavilion with Alicia and Penne, thanks; too friggin’ hot on the sand. Beaches are more enjoyable at night.

    As always, thank you! Also around 10:38, ‘simple’ -> ‘simply’?

  2. New movie? New game? New fish sticks? The announcement is being aired on their Youtube channel, so it doesn’t sound like an anime thing.

    On the other hand, they are also holding a Twitter competition, with the winner getting to voice a new character in the anime (… probably a cameo with two lines top), so whatever it is, there’s a chance it’s related to the anime in some form.

  3. As Akatsukin pointed out, this really was a perfect beach episode, I’m so happy.
    In terms of the announcement, what about an “all stars” type of movie? For instance, the Aikatsu Friends! girls are about to do a stage, but once they get into the changing sequence they get warped into the universe of a previous installment of the franchise? And the only way for them to go back home is to perform all together. Yeah, I know, it sounds crazy, but they’ve already done some pretty crazy things, so… Anyways, should be good fun.

      • *slow clap*

        But, did you predict it would start in October already? Which could mean Friends is indeed ending at 76 episodes, since I don’t think they will run two anime in parallel.

  4. Alicia: *shaves ice*
    Also Alicia: TAW-KNOW-SHEE!!! (#WOMP)

    C’mon Alicia, you’re telling me your country had no Furbys or Nintendo Switch Online?! (#WOMP) Just how deprived were your residents? What are they even doing now besides freezing to death?! You had that big mansion all to yourself while your residents got nothing? It’s about time we tax the one percent I say!! (#WOMP)

    Also, riddle me this: they had Wakaba with balls in her hair, right? But the moment she entered the Aikatsu Chamber, her 3D model had two tassels!!! BUT THEN WHY GO THROUGH THE TROUBLE OF 2D ANIMATING HER RUNNING TOWARDS SAID CHAMBER WITH BALLS IN HER HAIR?!?! THIS IS ABSOULTELY NOT AIKATSU!!! IF THEY DON’T FIX THIS IN THE BLU-RAYS, I’LL… I’LL COMPLAIN ABOUT IT ON TWITTER!!! (#WOMP) ヽ(●゚´Д`゚●)ノ゚

    So anyways…


    Also, I’m somewhat disappointed that no character had their appropriate 3 sizes. Specifically Aine… I mean, this IS the beach episode, right?!? C’mon felluhz, we go on twitter right now and complain about it! WHO’S WITH ME?!? Also if they don’t fix this in the blu-rays–(#WOMP)

    So anyways… I finally caught up with Aikatsu. The previous Wakaba episodes were UH-MAZING but this one fell flat. HOW DO YOU MESS UP A BEACH EPISODE?!?! It was so boring! Like the type of episode you watch at 2x speed while browsing twitter or grinding an RPG or something. The majority was Clown-Hair and Hibiki “battling” each other, then Alicia not handling heat very well, then whacking a watermelon, then previously collecting shells, then eating, then… THAT’S IT!!!

    I will say… the moment Wakaba held those shells tightly across her chest… to signify the area still in bloom… I COULDN’T POSSIBLY EVEN AT THAT POINT!!! THANK YOU AIKATSU I PRE-ORDERED THE BLU-RAYS IMMEDIATELY!!!


    WAH, GOMEN!!! (#WOMP)

    I give this episode 4.7 Aikatsus out of 10. You don’t need boys to make a beach episode. You just need… HEART!!! DO BETTER NEXT TIME!!! ヽ( ≧Д≦)ノ゚ Anyway lemme know your thoughts in the comment section down below. And don’t forget to like comment and subscribe (◍˘ω˘◍)

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