Aikatsu on Parade! – 003

You have entered my lair…

The best performance is in this episode! And this is a lot more about Raki learning from all the past idols so she can come into her own than simply retreading the same ground for nostalgia’s sake. That ending though… what a surprise. Oh, and the reference during the Mermaid section may not have been the exact same as the Japanese, but it had to be changed because the original one from Urashima Tarou was so obscure that not even most Japanese people know what it is.

Next week’s release will be later than this, as I’m moving to Japan for the next half year and my flight’s over the weekend. I will still do everything in my power to get it out on time though, or my name’s not Akatsukin!

Episode 003: Torrent | Magnet

20 thoughts on “Aikatsu on Parade! – 003

  1. Akatsukin becoming a teacher at an idol academy, real life Johnny Bepp confirmed.

    Also, good thing they weren’t the “Mermaid Sisters” otherwise a very different song, most unbecoming of Aikatsu!, might have been heard.

    Next episode, cage match between Honey Cat and Jounetsu Jalapeño, bring it on!

    On a more serious note though, thank you as always!

    • Honestly, Carole & Tuesday kinda surprised me with almost a new song every episode, and that song was no exception.

  2. Okay, so, you’re telling me a few minutes in Friends is equivalent to a few days in Stars. If that’s the case, then Raki and co are considered to be very fortunate to have not entered a alternate universe where a time span of several hours would be equivalent to several months or even years passing by in their own universe.

    Just think of all the missing posters, news and saddened families if that had happened, and Raki’s sister would have been mortified to the point of risking it all by travelling to alternate universes to find her sister’s whereabouts regardless of time probably unraveling again.

    Suddenly, when you think about it, On Parade’s premise certainly doesn’t sound so light and playful after all.

    • The situation might be more akin to Avengers Endgame’s plan with the Infinity Stones to nab them and then put them back at the time they were nabbed. Except as we’ve seen give or take an hour or so lol. Probably won’t be as precarious and just a way to make sure that travel between the worlds won’t mess with whatever laws of physics the world of Aikatsu! runs on.

      And I’m pretty sure Raki’s sister knows exactly what’s going on since she is the one who wanted to show her more than one world of Aikatsu! and thus led her to create that pass.

    • My own memory has its limits, but if that was the one we used, I’ll update it in later episodes. But please be merciful, it took me a full half hour just to find Hinaki’s “You said it”.

      • It was, they’re all roughly this: (11:45 in Stars 045).

        Don’t worry, I spend more time looking at your old scripts than I would expect anyone else to. I may or may not watch an episode of Aikatsu a day, and loop back to the beginning when I catch up. The long-term average is closer to 3 episodes every 4 days, plus any time spent touching up for consistency/[Kiriya].

  3. Disappointed at the lack of KiraAko and KanaAko so far. They had the perfect chance too.

    Luckily, it looks like Saaya’s pass actually opens the Room of Spirit and Time, so they still have more than eleven months’ worth of time to try again.

  4. This was… A GOOD EPISODE!!! Everything after Ako popped in, at least. (right after Yume’s performance, coincidentally)

    I still don’t understand Yume’s appeal. She’s the main character yet didn’t leave a lasting impression. And her voice is annoying! Like a half-whisper, got-a-marshmallow-in-her-mouth type of voice… it doesn’t suit her zany hair at all! Also, THE PURPLE-HAIR IS AN IDOL?!?! She should probably stop that (#WOMP)

    “Down where it’s wetter, that’s where it’s better!”

    *unsubscribed* (#WOMP)

    …Actually keep it up! (◍˘ω˘◍) (#DOUBLEWOMP)

    I mean, I’m sure that’s what she intended to say, more or less…

    No pics this week. You don’t… DESERVE THEM!!! (okay maybe this one where Lucky barely tackles the AiStar cast)

    • Side notes:

      -That director explosion caught me off guard… like damn where’d you get the budget for that?! You cut Honey Cat or something? (#WOMP)
      -Most AiStar performances use a long runway… what gives?!
      -Somewhat bitter sweet ending for Stars. Like, they didn’t even say goodbye! Not like I care or anything. ALSO JURI !!! GRACE…YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSS!!! ヽ(●゚´Д`゚●)ノ゚

      “Wait, you’ve seen OG Aikatsu?”

      Nope (#WOMP) but I know enough to like her bastante! In other words I’d be inclined to follow her insta and sniff the insoles of her boots should she require it~ (◍˘ω˘◍)

      “No Jay, your No-No…”

      Unfortunately they showed too much Honey Cat in that preview… at least Shirayuri Sisters were there, but shouldn’t Kaguya be in New York? Maybe they entered an alternate Friends portal where Kaguya is back and Honey Cat doesn’t suck ass. One can hope (#WOMP)

      Overall I’m giving this episode… 7.2 AIKATSUS OUT OF 10!!! That Cat-Girl is kawaii and I’d be inclined to watch AiStars past episode 5 (or 7) were she the main character… and she ends her sentences with “desu ha~” too?!? WAO!!

  5. One more thing! I realize one of my other comments from episode 2 are still in a spam folder… which is okay since I might have used the wrong email or something. I’ll try posting it again! Let’s see…


    “Okay so riddle me this: they show Aine and Lucky sleeping in their PJs, right? But Mio went outside in her uniform… meaning she never changed into her PJs! Or maybe she wore PJs but THEN CHANGED BACK INTO HER UNIFORM?!?! BUT YUME WALKS IN WITH HER PJs!!! That… MAKES NO SENSE!!! ( evidence here ) WHY CAN’T THEY SHOW MIO IN HER PJS?!?!?! THIS WAS AN OPPORTUNE MOMENT TO CONFIRM HER MEASUREMENTS!!!! WHY WOULD THE ANIMATORS/PLANNERS/WHOEVER DO THIS?!?!? IF THEY DON’T FIX THIS IN THE BLU-RAYS, I’LL…. I’ll…”

    (and that’s it) (still not sure why that comment got spammed, seeing that I used one link this time, but yeah, maybe I shouldn’t post comments right after each other. Like wait 5 minutes or something… But also, why would so many of my comments get marked as spam anyway… WHEN I’M NOT SPAM??!?! And I’m also a good person, too!! Anyone reading my comments would know that immediately!! (#WOMP))



    Wah, you’re right… gomen! But seriously you’re gonna bring us Star Twinkle Precure gachapon/toy-capsule toys as omiyage, right? (#WOMP)

  6. Shoot! Raki runs faster than me riding my motorcycle. And I regularly hit triple-digits (in mph). Looks like I need to step my game up and get a faster ride! And wow. Great to see Ako doing her trademark mental scan again! Her stage outfit was on point too. And I don’t remember Koharu doing performances either. She really showed out on stage!

    And yes. Good to know there’s Aikatsu and Akatsukin around for when life gets rough. Thanks as always for the timely subs!

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