Aikatsu on Parade! – 010

This is how legends are born

This is the most high concentration of powerful idols in the history of Aikatsu. From seeing how adorable Elza is still keeping her desires fresh to actually being able to witness the fruits of Karen’s love, to this scene with Mizuki above, this is like a vortex of Aikatsu from everywhere all centering on the present. Go forth, and have your soul shaken.

Episode 010: Torrent | Magnet

8 thoughts on “Aikatsu on Parade! – 010

  1. I was hoping for Love Me Tear’s ED challenge song as opposed to their separate performances. At least Mizuki’s song had the fast beat punch the other songs lacked. Hopefully we’ll get strong songs in future episodes instead of watered down slow songs.

  2. I can’t wait for next week to see Laura Sakuraba and Seira Otoshiro to come back two of my favorite Idols in the shows and it looks like they will be doing a song together I can’t wait to see it.

  3. Good episode, ‘powerful’ indeed. I love that it appears as though Mizuki’s primary joy/aim is still raising both the raising generation and the bar for Aikatsu overall. I do find it interesting that they’re going with a festival; if this were earlier incarnations we’d be seeing an Aikatsu Cup or something with an all out competition between schools, units and individual idols. I was glad to see that they didn’t forget DreAca existed when they announced the plans.

  4. Lol at Elza trying to impose her superiority complex in a group of elite idols who are are (i) on equal footing with her in terms of power and (ii) the majority whom happen to be way older in age than her.

    It might not look like it from her mannerisms, but I get the feeling that deep down Elza is probably insecure from adjusting to being within a group of elite high class idols that are on the same level as her or maybe even higher; back in her own universe, the only one she felt that was on her level (and a true rival) was Hime, until down came Yume to ruin her day. It’s also worth keeping in mind that at Venus Ark and even after it got reformed into Neo VA, Elza had that ‘I’m the biggest fish in all of the sea’ mentality. Now, she’s a big fish within a pond full of other high-quality fish, and her channeling that smug superiority is probably a clandestine way to hide her insecurity.

    Also, lol at poor DreAca for not having a elite representative (Mizuki is only shown informing the Starlight girls) as well as being the only idol academy that Raki didn’t cross over to during her door crossing shenanigans.

    • I was going to say they should of put Seira Otoshiro for DreAca but remember Mizuki pretty much made that school with the head teacher so I can understand them not putting her into it also if they did put her in then really it should of been you know Ichigo Yume at that meeting if ya get my meaning.

  5. Legit between this and The Mandalorian, my Friday night was filled with too much hype. The beginning of the episode had me hyped. Seeing the cream of the crop together, it was the most broken party of all. Then they had that montage of collabing for the New World Fest and mentioned it ending on a Christmas event I was just like “aight pretty cool.” Bonus points for DreAca still being mentioned, although thye pretty much took a backseat until next episode (can we TALK about that preview though? Noelle? HELLO?!).

    But then it happened. I hype meter rose exponentially really quickly when Mizuki, Elza, and Hibki’s performance began. At first I was like “hype performance. I wonder what they are going to sing?” And then I saw the formation. Frame 1 I immediately got super hyped super fast. The camerawork and effects also lent to the magnificent performance. Take Me Higher holds a special place in my heart when it comes to the series as the unit-formation part of the first series was the most excited I had ever been. Seeing it again and being sung by Mizuki, Elza, and Hibiki jsut gets me excited, even if there was no special appeal. I’ve watched the performance several times and even thinking about it gets me hyped for the future of this series. Here’s to more hype collab performances in the future.

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