Aikatsu on Parade! – 011

Trying to understand those confusing feelings in your chest

Just, the entire second half of this episode all the way through the ending. I couldn’t have been more blown away. I was a bit worried considering the short span of the Fest, but they’re really doing everything. Open your own door and be immersed in the parade.

Episode 011: Torrent | Magnet

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  1. So they just ruined there own story good work here writers. how Akari and Yume knew each other from those two episode from Aikatsu! Stars so the whole story of them having to go in those doors to get to the Idols schools from another world is now pointless. because that means Starlight and Four Star Academy have been in the same world all this time.

    • Um, no? There was obvious magic going on with the fog on Aikatsu Island, if you forgot. Saaya didn’t necessarily create the Aikatsu System doors, she just harnessed the power that was already there. And now they aren’t even using doors because the worlds have merged.

      • So you’re saying that these doors where already there and been used so the whole sister making the card and doing this is now pointless because it was already happening then. why did no one from Aikatsu! Friends meet other Idols from those schools already then. Just saying that there was magic fog is a dumb answer I said from the very start when they announce this and was going forward that they needed to make sure that those two episode where never made but they did not now the whole story has been screwed up anyone can see this. if you are just going to go the whole blind fan route then I’m done talking about this.

        • The thing is, you have to remember that Friends, while having been already conceived and worked on by the time of the crossover episodes, still hadn’t been announced yet. This also extends to Saya’s meddling with the Aikatsu system as well; she didn’t even exist in that period (out of universe) up until they began plans for Onpa.

          That being said, in-universe, the crossovers could have happened via some of Saya’s early experiments, and the doors also no longer work due to all three worlds having merged together as of now.

          • Also why does only Akari remember them then and not Ichigo or Ran or Aoi because they did not know who they where. They met in that crossover episode as well. This is just the fact they did not have any plans for this series when they made those two episodes. that is why I said they should not bring them into this as it would not make any sense.

        • Who knows who?
          In Stars episode 69, Luminas is introduced to basically everyone in Stars. In episode 70, Yume, Koharu, and Laura then meet Soleil and Tristar. In Parade episode 9, Neo Venus Ark meets Ichigo, Mizuki, and Mikuru for the first time. Then in episode 11, it’s acknowledged that Yume and Akari had met previously. Therefore, there is no contradiction.

          How are the worlds connected originally, and what happened during the crossovers?
          It is still a mystery how it’s possible that different “worlds” are able to crossover. That’s the main question of this season. However, we can surmise that there were rifts in the Aikatsu spacetime continuum from Stars episodes 69-70. In the first, the Luminas bus shows up out of nowhere (and on an island with no bridges, by the way). In the second, Yume and the girls paddle a boat through the aforementioned fog and arrive somewhere with Ichigo. It’s not shown how they get home, but we can figure it’s the same way they came. Thus, we know that it was previously possible to end up somewhere else. This is consistent with Parade.

          What are the doors, and when and where do they appear?
          At first, they exclusively appear after Raki uses her Aikatsu Pass in the Aikatsu System, and then it starts to glow. In episode 3 she uses it again, but this time [at least] two doors appear: The one Raki uses to return home, and the one that Hinaki and Juri wander into. The third time Raki puts her Pass into an Aikatsu device and it appears without a performance, and this time two doors appear going from the Friends world to OG (one for Mirai and Karen). After that, Raki’s Aikatsu Pass starts glowing and a door appears even when she doesn’t use the Aikatsu System directly. Penultimately, Neo Venus Ark is about to visit Mikuru’s flower shop in OG New York without a door, and finally Raki’s pass continually glows as the worlds are now fully merged. Each time the effect grew stronger and stronger.

          What is the current situation?
          We have now reached a point where somehow, Saaya has used Raki’s glowing Aikatsu Pass and the Aikatsu System to forcibly merge the three known Aikatsu worlds. The specifics of the geography are left purposely vague at the present time.

          I hope I was able to clear things up for you.

          • This still does not explain why Soleil and Tristar did not know who Yume and her friends where in parade the Aikatsu! people from Soleil and Tristar act as if they have never met before so why does only Akari remember. you telling me there memory got wiped if that if the case why did the members of Luminas or just Akari still have her memory.

          • Ya know what I’m going to wait a couple more episode if I do not see the members from Soleil and Tristar acknowledge that they know Yume and her friends from that episode then I know I’m right and that this whole conversation was a waste of time but if they do acknowledge knowing them then I will say sorry to you and say you where right.

  2. I didn’t care for the guy invasion at the end. I would have much rather seen Seira and Rola team up for a rock collaboration. 2WingS and Laura’s rock weren’t bad, and I’m glad we got to hear their rock as opposed to soft/fluffy music.

  3. “In the first, the Luminas bus shows up out of nowhere (and on an island with no bridges, by the way).”

    The Aikatsu ferry boat, obviously.

    “In the second, Yume and the girls paddle a boat through the aforementioned fog and arrive somewhere with Ichigo.”

    The islands aren’t that far apart. The fog bank would obscure one island or the other from view. Neither the Soleil nor TriStar boats had navigational aids, so obviously the girls could see the island they were returning to.

    Works for me. 🙂

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