Aikatsu Stars! – 017

So when do they get a performance?

So when do they get a performance?

There are things this episode did overtly good, and things it did subtly good. And then there were the not so good things, like the art. Poor Ako. Also, there’s apparently going to be a new character named Lily, and I’m not talking about Yuri.

Episode 017: Torrent | Magnet

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  1. Akatsukin since you mentioned about M4 not getting a performance I just remembered something, Koharu didn’t get one either. I mean Koharu is one of the MCs and after 17 episodes not getting a performance makes her feel more like a side character.

    Also Ako was annoying this episode if not for Kanata she would she would been the 1st Aikatsu character ever go to my hated characters list so Ako x Kanata is my new shipping. XD

    Thanks for the subs!

  2. Thank you~!

    I agree with Ako x Kanata as a pairing, but I have yet to find Ako annoying. Of course I rarely find cute characters annoying XD

    We really have been experiencing a Koharu drought though. They definitely need to do a Koharu centered episode soon.

  3. Your translations have been getting less and less faithful. The “Laura” thing, and your subsequent stubbornness about it even after the show provided romanization, has been bad enough, but your handling of the wordplay in this episode was atrocious. You weren’t even trying to be faithful to the dialogue, just making things up from nowhere as if this were a 1990s dub script.

    Your work was not like this in the past. Please reconsider what you’ve been doing lately and return to a subbing philosophy that values accuracy over injecting willfully incorrect original content into the show.

    • You mean the tomato thing, right? In being consistent with an earlier choice that I discussed when it first appeared, probably even back in episode 1, the following nicknames Subaru came up with had to be modified to fit the new scheme. If you mean something else, please let me know what it is.
      Also, Rola still isn’t a real name.

      • What you consider a “real” name is not relevant. The show has provided the official romanization. Leaving aside the conceit that anime characters must always have “real names”, what you’ve done is no better than calling CCS’s Tomoyo “Madison”. As someone who has scanlated manga for years, where there often is no romanization or pronunciation to go by, you should be grateful for the fact such a clear guideline exists.

        But these are just two recently salient examples of a general trend I’ve noticed in your work in recent months. Increasingly, what you write in your subtitles is blatantly not even close to what the characters are actually saying. You have sacrificed a dutiful translation of what the show’s creators have devised in favor of your own private ideas about what constitutes glib and tidy phrasing.

        As a fellow translator, I understand the sense of stewardship you must feel for this work, and the effort you have put in in the past. I myself have sat for hours agonizing how to translate a particular word or phrase, so I understand the hard choices that must be made.

        Even so, as a good curator the first priority must always be accuracy. If you afraid viewers will not understand a more literal translation, add notes, or take advantage of this space to explain and educate. In my experience, intelligent readers/viewers would always rather learn the details of difficult patches than have them be erased by overzealous localization.

        I have been watching Aikatsu since the beginning and I greatly appreciate the work you have been putting in for literally years – which is why the current trend is so dissatisfying to me. Again, I ask you to consider these words and to turn back from the path you have taken.

        • Would you prefer Rohla or Roola when we update it? Because we don’t use that form of romanization. Also that’s still exactly the same one person people keep posting. The exception to the rule.

          I’m considering a long explanation about my translation style and choices, we’ll see if I get around to it.

          • I’d prefer “Rola”. Please stop being stubborn and use what the show has given you to use. You’re just throwing up more arbitrary and needless obstacles instead of bowing to the choices of the work itself.

        • Unimportant trivia but it always bugs me when it comes up:
          Rola is her showbiz name, her real name is Eri Sato, that’s not a good example.

    • I honestly prefer Laura to Rola… idk. It’s a real name, sure, but Laura sounds better/looks better imo.


  4. I personally don’t understand all this fuss about a name because:

    1) Japanese people have proved themselves often to be VERY ignorant about literally whatever, be it about history or other languages so the chances of this being another mistake from their end are HIGH.
    2) This is a fansub so sticking to “official” names is not mandatory.
    3) If it bothers you SO much you can just edit the subtitles yourself.

    I personally refer to her as ローラ because it’s probably the most correct one.

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